Psychic needed

  • I am literally at the end of my rope, considering a fatal alternative. I need a psychic to assist me who can give me some real answers, I can not fight what I am being attacked by anymore. Please help me if you can.

  • What is attacking you? Hugs from me anyway and do not make a fatal decision, let us try to help you.

  • We would all love to be able to help you but we do require a few more details. I do, however, get the sense of this is an emotional response to a trivial event.

  • Oh but maybe it is trivial to you Firefly but it might mean the world to misslioness!

  • Friends, indeed my problem is of serious nature. Let me start with saying, I am very confused, I am a psychic and as we all know, we cannot read ourselves and often cannot see the connection with us and those who are directly involved in our paths. Three years ago I lost the love of my life due to an accidental prescription overdose. He had been in a near fatal vehicle accident and suffered a great deal of pain. In the end the accident took him after all. Shortly after his death I elected to begin a campaign of sorts and opted to begin my "quote-unquote rescue mission" I had always known that i would do something altruistic in nature after my children were grown, but I never imagined it would be to the magnitude it had evolved to. I had a clothing line that raised awareness of social issues and donated a portion of the profits to the companies sister charity who supported struggling individuals through rehabilitation. Over time I was able to make my whole operation a not for profit and branch out further to assist even more people who suffered a myriad of problems. I began working with not-for-profit and for-profit business nationwide exercising the act of reciprocity and together we were helping many. Through this act of reciprocity I met a man in New York; he was in the beginning stages of a start-up corporation and was happy to be a recipient of my assistance. We emailed often and spoke much and finally discovered that we were both Leos and that our birthdays were 2 days apart. In September 2010 we decided to meet so during my business meeting to NY we made arrangements to meet. We hit it off immediately, and begun a long distance relationship that blossomed quickly. Nearly a year later we decided to move things ahead and that I would move to NY. There I would be closer to my colleagues and our relationship could go to the next level. This was scary for me because after I lost my best friend and lover, I decided not to engage in anymore relationships for a while. This man’s story goes like this; he formed a start-up company as a commodities broker and had finished a rather large deal and was waiting to be paid out for this deal (which he could happily retire from) but his intentions were to keep working as he was in the process of building a trading house. Several months went by and due to an unforeseen government process; his money was intercepted and held by the US Treasury. It has now been held for over a year. Not only that but it is as though nothing he works on will finish or come to fruition. He is broke now and very confused. So, this leads me to my part of all this and why I am so drought. I gave all my material possessions to those I love and many I do not even know. I decided that if I were moving to a new life that I would bless those around me with what I had been blessed to have, It wasn't exorbitant , but I had always worked really hard for what I had and it meant a lot to me. Finally, the day came that I was to move to NY with (we'll call him Mr. Doe) and because the financial issues had not yet been rectified my move was delayed. It is now over a year later and I am still waiting to move and for things to be as we planned. Since JUST BEFORE I met Mr. Doe things started to fall apart with the work I was doing for my charity, and it has suffered the blow of my decision to move on with this relationship. So now I am living with friends and family, I have no possessions left my work is suffering (BTW, I call it work, but I haven't taken a dime for my efforts since the beginning I didn't want to, and in lieu of my new relationship it like I wouldn't need to.) Now I am going to jump back a bit and give you some back ground on me. I came from an abusive home life; married young had three children a son and two daughters and now have three beautiful granddaughters. My children’s father was abusive to me as well, but not to them. I divorced him and sometime later remarried, which feel a part due to irreconcilable differences. I purposely stayed alone for eleven years because I wanted to fix what was wrong in my life that would accept such nonsense. That led me to meeting my now deceased fiancé (who I miss every day of my life.) Here is why I said in my original statement that I could not fight what was attacking me anymore. I have escaped death twelve times (literally, NO-JOKE) everything in my life has been difficult to the point of extreme exhaustion and unbelievable stories. I knew at a young age I had something big I was supposed to do with my life and I believe that forces of evil have tried to stop me. That being said, I hope you do not believe me to be off-kilter, I am not, I am in fact lucid, analytical, and cognizant as well as being a very critical thinker. I mentioned my children and grandchildren before not one of them are in good health and three out of six have fatal health problems and are disabled. I have been a struggling single mother most of their lives and I have no support or support system. I gained an education and continued to educate myself throughout my life and I have done nothing short create lemonade from lemons. Bare with me I am almost finished. Every time someone comes in direct contact with me to aid me in my humanitarian endeavors bad things happen to them, so I start pre-warning people of their risk of involvement. I did so in the beginning with My Mr. Doe who BTW is a securities lawyer by trade and he is a brilliant man, but he cannot figure out why he is getting nowhere and is crashing and burning. I believe strongly in the power of words and thoughts, I believe they become living proof of what we say and think. Therefore I have always been cautious of what I say and think, but I began feeling obligated to offer a warning with getting involved. I am forty-two and I am an attractive, petite woman who seems to get a great deal of attention, but I am hesitant to get close to anyone due to this problem. So, right now I am homeless, broke, I owe money, I have no material possessions, I hurt for my family because they need my assistance right now and I cannot help them, and I cannot be with the man I love. My work has gone to the way-side and I have no idea what is taking place in the universe. I have always been a cautious planner and I cannot believe I am in this position. I am tired of fighting or wrestling with evil forces or whatever it may be. I am quite simply too tired anymore. There are many lives to be assisted by the help I can and am able to offer, but I am down for the count and in all my years of trauma, I have never been down for the count. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for any help you may be able to offer, or any light you might shed on my situation.

  • HELP ANYONE AND EVERYONE, I am drowning in this and I cannot get breathe.

  • Hi MissLioness, I don't feel that you owe anyone an explanation. I accept what you say as truth. I accept/believe you. There is an undercurrent for those who do good. I want you to accept what blessings you do have. I don't think you necessarily have to move to where your friend is. He will come around just as you will. I want to do a reading for you. Problem--it's gonna be couple of days. Believe in a higher power.

  • Well the only way I can help is by clearing your chakras and searching your energy field to see what spirits surround you AFTER protecting myself, is this of any use to you? It might give you the strength to get up and fight.


  • I would appreciate a reading and a cleansing of my charkra, but all of my readings have been exactly the same. Nearly every card the same, it is uncanny. I do indeed believe in a higher power (God) I was raised in church (very legalistic experience) but I managed to pave a new path and find God for what I believe him to be. I believe He has been the one to protect me thus far, but I am just too weak to fight anymore. I would much rather help someone else, than for someone to bare my burden with me, but at this point I will take any help I can get. I need to get on with it because I have much to do, but if I cannot break this off of my life I believe I would be better off out of the way instead of afflicting those who would come to help alongside me. I can no longer bare the pain of all this torture, seriously. I can no longer bare the pain of all this torture, seriously. It is torture to look into the eyes of another soul, feel their sorrow, know their thoughts and not be able to help them in the way they need help. I hate this so called gift. It has never done anything but hurt me. I have always said that if I had this to help people I would bear the burden and tolerate the pain and exhaustion of using it, but I am done trying to convince myself that I can handle it. A reading would be very kind. and Paddi please protect yourself if you intend to assist. Thanks to all. I will keep you up to date.

  • Ok you have a long story so I had to read thru it several times. What this reading is about is the 2 of cups, or in other words, what's important to you. I get that relationships are important. Healing, balance, health, protection. Dark and light and the co-existence. But, before you create those feelings in those around you, create them in yourself. Before you love others, you must love yourself.

    There is someone around you with addiction problems. I think somehow money is at the root of some of this. After reading thru your post, I believe the root cause of a lot of your unhappiness is the loss of your husband. I get the feeling that he was addicted to medication. Things sort of spiraled after this. This seems to be the cause of some of the domino effect. There are certain other behaviors that have you imprisoned. I feel when you can escape or conquer these feelings it'll help. On some level, you're being tricked into thinking you're imprisoned by external forces. You fear the worst. There's also an inclination to be hell-bent on certain endeavors. Over-investing in one area. How much you earn or own. Controlled by this bondage. It was an illusion all along. Victim mode. Seeing something coming and doing nothing to prevent?

    That's not your foundation or what you're all about. You thrive on cooperation and understanding. You know how to rule your world. Also, stamina paired with Page of Coins. Your young at heart, plant your feet on ground.

    Some of what has brought you to present is life's up's and down's. Your reading is saying that it happens and you need to move past. You must be in control--don't give your control to others. Accept the bad w/good.

    Your challenge is actually the glimmer of hope ahead. Actually, it's not a glimmer, it's a new beginning as I pulled 2 Aces paired. You need to incorporate your vision into the real world. Ace of pents and Star paired--inspiration could become profitable, casual hobby profitable.

    Moving ahead--slow down your pursuit of power (that's how this other guy got you into trouble). He has some addictive problems,also. Whatever is controlling you will be crushed.

    Money is going to be the object or obstacle. You need an action plan.

    Friends/assoc will offer ideas to you.

    Because you're shown as Queen of Cups you are emotional. Guard against pleasure-seeking. Stay grounded--your reading calls for grounding more than once. Reality versus fantasy--ok. Make the best choices for Yourself--ok. Shows you being confounded by all the choices. You can narrow it down by ones that are best for you.

    I get the distinct feeling that you're being imprisoned by relationships. That's your emotional side.

    You know what to do. Don't be imprisoned by anyone. I'm sorry for what happened to your husband.

    Hope this helps!

    Above--2 of cups

    present--page of coins



    past--wheel of fortune


    moving ahead--5 of swords

    blocks--ace of coins

    friends--ace of rods

    advice--7 of cups

    outcome--queeen of cups

  • This does help somewhat, it is pretty much the same reading I have had for the past couple years. It varies somewhat, but the underlying connotations are the same. The one thing that stands out is your comment about money. I have always been content with my life, in that money was never an object of interest. I actually despise what it does to people and generally dislike the fact that people measure success by their bank accounts. However, at this current moment money is what stands between both sides of everything. It wouldn't have, but it began with the decision to move to NY. I put my trust in another person for the first time in my life and I watched the bottom fall out of my life.

  • Thank you ever so much Daliolite for taking the time to assist me, it is an honor for you to have poured into my life in such a compassionate way. I do wish you blessings and all the good life has instore for you. Hugs to you.

  • Thanks--My BF is a Leo. Leo's really try to help people. Sometimes they get screwed in process (actually, a lot sometimes!.) He has alcohol issues so needs to really deal w/that. Leo's have tendency to roar loudest when things are wrong lol. Hope I could help and reading was accurate.

  • Please forgive me. Your life is not trivial. I had the impression that your cry was one of desperation brought on by another event or act by an inconsiderate person. Sometimes, it is the "straw that breaks the camel's back" that can recall us to our senses to the larger picture. Life is made up of tiny details, like puzzle pieces, that fit in an organized pattern to bring persons like you and me to a new understanding of the true purpose of our lives. Giving of ourselves, kindness, mercy, love, mildness, hope, joy, peace, long-suffering and self-control are gifts given to us by God's Spirit to help us endure and cope with today's unnatural afflictions.

    What you are experiencing is better known as persecution, which is the deliberate and systematic method of inflicting torture, either mental, emotional, physical or spiritual, in order to stamp out those who are "different."

    As you have stated, your life has been filled with many types of physical abuse, which is another form of persecution. God promises that those who endure will win the race, but He did not say it would be an easy one. Endurance requires strength of spirit beyond what is normal and with every obstacle we overcome, we are proving ourselves to be a witness to the public that faith can accomplish miracles.

    Sounds more like you are in need of spiritual refreshment, not a psychic.

  • Misslioness, I found your life story very moving. But I get the feeling you think you have been cursed or attacked by evil and that you are spreading it around like a contagion. What I feel is actually going on is that you have passed through a lot of negative situations wherein you accumulated a lot of sad and miserable energies. It is as Paddifluff and others recommend - you need to slough off all the accumulated negativity that is surrounding you and weighing you down, literally suffocating you. This negativity has piled up on you because you did not complete the necessary process of grieving and healing - you have been so intent on helping others, throwing yourself into your work and trying to bury your pain. You are carrying around this huge load of bad energy - no wonder you are at the end of your tether.

    You have worked so tirelessly for others - to the point where you have neglected yourself and your own needs for relaxation and renewal. You need to take some time for yourself, and to complete the grieving/healing process. There are many good healers here who can help you cleanse your 'filthy' aura and overladen blocked chakras. There is nothing that cannot be fixed and made new. You cannot see solutions right now because your vision is clouded by this old bad energy. Once you are clear, life will take on a whole new joy and meaning for you. New energy, vision, and vigour will be released in you. You will love life again.

    You have to realize that things that are happening to other people are not your fault. You must lose the notion that you must help everyone - people have to learn to stand on their own two feet - you cannot fix all their problems for them, nor should you. We humans only learn our biggest lessons by facing the biggest trials and tribulations. You cannot take their lessons away from them, simply support them if they need it to get through their trials. You feel burdened because you are trying to carry everyone around on your back - and it is not necessary. You have to look after yourself now so that you can be strong when your friends or family need your support. The problem has been that you gave your all to others - and left nothing for yourself. Out of this lesson, you will see that you must also give to yourself if you are to be of help to anyone else. You want to help humanity, but you have to remember that you are one of those human beings yourself.

    And take heart from the truest Universal saying that everything passes - nothing stays the same. Grief and pain will always turn to joy and peace. Always...

  • Hello Captain and Firefly01 and all others who have responded. Please no apologies necessary. I more than understand why your original thought was to address my seemingly over reactive plea. I believe you’ve gained a general perception of my pain, but it is indeed more than difficult and I see no real solution in sight. Indeed I am tired and likely in much need of spiritual refreshment. Mother Teresa is on my short list of deceased hero’s and my favorite quote from her is, "I struggle daily with my faith." Myself, I question daily what I have been exposed to via Christianity. Who and what is God, really? Since early childhood I have actively communicated with those who have crossed over and I have experienced what others call special gifts. I feel like I have pleaded my last cry with God. Inside me feels like a spiritual war being waged, not for my soul, but for my heart, my flesh and my sanity. Over the years I have counseled many and obviously if someone is going to end their live they generally just do it. I do not want to die, and I do not want to hurt those who love me and those I love. But, every day I have to find a valid reason not to end this mental and emotional exhaustion. The most selfish thing I have ever done is to seriously consider hurting those whom I would leave behind, but if this so called life doesn't allow me take a deep breath soon, I cannot keep this up. At this point if something concrete does not materialize soon I don't know how much longer I will be able to fight. I put out a plea for a psychic, because I had a vision that someone had something very profound to pass on to me and that the help, and that help would come via the internet. I do not know if this is the forum or the process in which that information will be passed to me, but I felt drawn to reach out. Please do not feel as though all your earnest words and sincere advice isn’t much and greatly appreciated, I feel blessed to be the recipient of all this kindness. I desperately need a hint or a clue that this major issue at hand will be resolved soon; I cannot bare the pressure anymore. One can only be as strong as I have needed to be, for so long. Many thanks to all and to any who might have much needed information to pass off to me. Blessings to everyone who reads this.

  • You are correct; death and grief are a natural process and if done properly can often be quite beautiful. I know death very differently than most, however I still struggle with what has happened and how. I definitely have not experienced healthy grief, but of all the things that have occurred this year my grieving process has improved.

  • Misslioness, you are being given answers yet you do not see or hear them. You are blind to help because you have exhausted yourself. Beyond all your material concerns, what you really want is to be loved. At the moment, you feel unloved - unable to be with the person you love and not feeling it from the Universe. Through all your charity to others, you ask for nothing but to be loved and appreciated back. Spirit has sent you so many answers, yet because you are focused on getting one particular answer in one particular way, you do not see the alternatives that have been presented to you. This is why you must have a complete break from stress - pushing to find the answer you want has not and will not work. You are hurting yet you refuse to allow yourself to heal properly. Why - because feeling pain makes you feel you are alive, that you mustn't forget the pain of your fiance's loss because that would be like forgetting him?

    You cannot think straight at the moment so how can you find the right answers you seek? You have to let go of trying to control everything and feeling responsible for everyone, and just trust that a Higher Power will take care of you. This is what I don't see from you - trust and faith. Not in God, or in the advice you have been given here to allow yourself to heal and rest. You do not have to go it alone. So why are you trying to?

    God does love you very much - but do you love yourself? What would think about someone who ignored people, disregarded their health and needs, and didn't give them any peace or rest to heal or mourn? Not a very kind or loving person, eh? Yet that it what you do to yourself every day. Until you love yourself enough to let go of control and your fears, you will never feel real love in return because you are blocked.

    You have to get away from your situation - perhaps in body but especially in mind and emotions. You need the perspective of distance and objectivity - being so close to your situation is blinding you to the answers that are there. You just have to rest up to be able to see that there are many ways to get what you want, other than what you think now. If you don't relax your mind and body, the energy you need to see and think clearly cannot flow through you as it is blocked by stress.

    Please just let go and let God.

  • misslioness1969

    You are asking yourself what a lot of people are asking now. Is there a God? God is within each and every one of us. He reposes in his own way and time and knows what we need in our lives when needed. We have to ask for his help through prayer, and we all have guardian angels that we can call upon too. I read your life story and you have heaped upon yourself a lot of expectation. You are one person and sometimes it takes an army to perform miracles. Talk to other people and you will find out that they too have leaped over hurdles to live LIFE. I believe that if we want to be gifted spiritually when we come to this earth plane, than you better hold on to your socks because you will have to endure just what our Lord Jesus had to. Many go through what makes them a hero in others eyes. Now my dear you have endured your fair share of what it takes to make one and I really feel like it is time for you to first think of yourself and than begin to write and teach others to endure what you are now going through. This will pass and when it does you will see sunlight and happiness in ways that you never have envisioned them before. Have you thought of working in a cancer center or a healing clinic? I feel these doors will be opened to you as early as six months from now. Your gentleman friend in NY will also find his way and it had little to do with you being in his life. We all have destiny paths to walk. He may have made some unwise decisions money wise that has now shut him down to find a new way, which just may guide him to you again but later on, not so much now as it is not the time, and I feel like you will meet another man in your work much like the love of your life but he will be stronger than your former partner in that he will already have his feet planted and you will become his shoes and help him to walk the spiritual way which he knows of but does not always practice. I hear the name Harless here and Albert. I also am given the state of NC and TX as they will have meaning in your life in 2012. Don't you give up now because I am a very gifted reader and I prayed before I begin this reading. You will have people coming that you will meet, others you know will help you to find your new pathway and sooner than you think. Please keep us all posted here on the board, as we care about other gifted people and want to see them succeed in this lifetime.

    You already have and now you will succeed to an even better menu that includes fun and passion and a new excitement about life, LIVE and you will be rewarded for finding your way through this battle and winning.

    You have a Blessed day and New Year


  • First of all, thank you for letting us know how you feel. This particular fight is not yours. It belongs to God, the creator of the heavens and the earth, and his son, our savior, Jesus Christ. God's name is "I am" in English. He is known by many names. In Hebrew, it is Jehovah, also known as Yahweh, which has to do with pronunciation, more or less. When I pray, I pray to God in Heaven; so that there will be no mistaking to whom my prayer is being addressed.

    Give this burden to God to carry for you and take your hands away from the situation. Do not try to "grab it back" and allow anxiety to consume you. It is God's fight against evil, not our fight. In prayer, we draw closer to God and may ask him anything in the name of Jesus and He promises that if you keep asking, your prayers will be answered. However, God has his own timetable and it does not belong to man to decide when this timetable should end.

    Since I, too, have been in your shoes and came very close to losing my faith out of anger and bewilderment, you will see your life unfolding in such a way that makes it totally clear the reason why these things have happened--usually to lead you to a higher spiritual understanding. Seek wisdom and you will find the knowledge of God; seek discernment and understanding and God will give to you an understanding so profound that you will find refreshment for your soul. For that to happen, you must "hand over your anxieties for Him to carry."

    Remember the stories of the survivors of 09/11? One man had been reading his Bible, looked up and saw the plane heading straight for his building. He prayed, "God please take over because I cannot handle this," and quickly ducked underneath his desk. When the debris had cleared, he found he was the only survivor. All else was chaos and destruction, but when he looked at the top of his desk, there lay his Bible, untouched by the chaos surrounding him. Such stories of miracles send chills down my spine because I have often experienced very similar circumstances in my life and the miracle that I can relate this is surely from God's hands to your ear.

    Spiritual refreshment can come from daily meditation upon Bible verses or watching a movie that makes you laugh out loud. You instantly feel lighter in spirit. Give good things to your own spirit. Taking a day off from struggle is beneficial. We need to recharge our spiritual batteries and we can only do what God allows us to do. He DOES answer prayers. Talk to Him. Tell him all of your feelings and then hand them over. You will find your faith strengthened as you see how your life unfolds. In time, you will gain perspective and gain a better comprehension as to why these trials and tribulations were necessary. God refines through tests of fire those He loves.

    Blessings for a more peaceful future.

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