My latest drama, lost job

  • This year has been insane for me I have lost so much and I am exhausted. From my dogs, to my daughter moving out, to living in a homeless shelter, to moving and dealing with my fiancees addiction. I am happy to say my fiancee has been clean and sober for a few days and is genuinely teying to get back to being a good man. I am certainly happy about that and he sure picked the right week as I lost my job of two years tonight. I did everything including move for this company hence the reason for lots of losses and the move. I am just wondering whats next now job wise and wonder when my life will settle down. Have started writing a book but I know it will bw a while before I get paid for that. Will I ever do good with that? I have thought about doing an online christian paper and selling cheap advertising. I am just at a lost. I did a lot for my job and well its over. They said I didnt make enough money but they put the store in a bad spot, sure I could have done more but now its time to go forward. Any idea what to? Thanks

    Sandra 10_23_1972

  • Put the past job behind you. I'll do a reading, try to have up by this weekend latest.

  • Hi Sandra,

    Just wanted to say - while you wait for your reading - that your strength is inspiring. Hugs & hang in there 🙂

  • I did your reading. I really need clarity regarding BF. Your situation is surrounded by knights, a court card which I'm gathering is BF. I get the impression from the cards that he is supporting you and you feel like doing something on your own. Am I correct in going there--your actually in his house and his influence surrounds you--ok.

    Reading--What your reading is all about is King of Swords. Remain detached & objective. Clarity of mind. You can perceive the truth, so you'll have to take the lead. You know behaviors that are getting in the way. Leave emotions out. Detachment is what's needed. You may actually need to seek advise from professional.

    This job loss was inevitable--could not have resisted it/changed it. Somebody was possibly shorted financially. I'm getting this job in some way slighted you financially but they also thought they were being slighted. I'm also getting that BF is always broke?

    In present the underlying feeling is boredom/restless.

    At times get the feeling that your close to goal just don't realize it. You are creative. You need to trust your intuition. In past something was turned around. Either you followed your heart and something failed or you followed logic and not heart. I tend to think you followed logic maybe. The reason is that your shown as Queen of Cups. Your nature is to be empathic and kind. Your reading is warning you to always plan and avoid impulses. Don't charge-out w/o knowing risks. Avoid cutting corners. May receive surprises regarding money. Something somebody says you owe them. When I'm doing this reading I almost feel trapped by all these knights in reading. I've never had so many. Do you feel trapped by BF and is this compounding problems. This reading is stating that you BF is helping financially and your comfortable. Is he impulsive.

    In future, could go more inside yourself. There is some declaration of love, also. I believe that everything is not as it should be. Going to take perseverance/education, skills. Your effort may be worth it but something you didn't want to do or finances in the way. You need to remain true to yourself and needs. Are there repeating themes w/friends and some awakening regarding patterns in friends. Good at what you do (job) but a lot of competition. Set yourself apart--that's where I get more training schooling even own business. You see this as on-going struggle but mainly deals with your right to set yourself above the rest. Maybe you can relate to this. Make sure things are in your best interest before moving on. Reading is also calling for you to take-up for yourself.

    Remember in dealing w/BF read my first paragraph.


    above--king of swords

    present--9 of coins

    below--knight of coins

    situation--knight of rods

    past--queen of cups

    challenges--knight of swords

    future--4 of cups

    blocks--8 of coins


    advice--7 of rods

    outcome--7 of swords

  • ps--boyfriend may be supporting in everyway but emotionally?

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