Reading or intuitive insights on this PLEASE !

  • Hi Everyone.

    I am planing my divorce of 9 years, and 16 years relationship, fully convinced on it, but fearing financial security and being all by myself and my son. This talk will happen tomorrow, when my husband comes after 5 months of being away. He doesn't want divorce, and I have a feeling he is going to resist it for long. He manipulates the situations and is emotional abusive ..etc I want it over this time. Overdue !

    Can someone through some insights on it? Is anything I should pay attention mostly, and be careful about it? How is it going to go everything ? I feel resistance from his side and hard to fight against it as I have tried many time in the past, but failed to go through it-- by fearing mostly.

    Thank You to any one that could give me some insights or a reading !! 🙂


  • Hi Undio1

    Your post touched my heart, I can relate...

    I was led to draw a series of cards for you, and I think it really serves to help open out this relationship so that you can KNOW you are doing the right thing and that everything will ultimately work out nicely, very nice for you!

    I added a snapshot of the cards I drew to help you see the pattern and what it is telling...

    First two cards I drew seem to represent you and your ex in this matter. You are the Page of Swords, and He is the Knight of Swords - which tells there has certainly been plenty of talk between you two over the years! Swords can be painful too, and I am already getting this very strong sense that you were the one trying to connect in a deeper way and that was refused by the Knight. Still you tried...

    Now, we see a series of 11 cards - a group of four on the left and seven on the right.

    The left side I believe shows the "9 year stretch" and the seven cards shows the 16 years stretch.

    On the left we start off with

    Seven of Wands - so right from the beginning there was some conflicting purpose in the relationship, he wanted to go this way, and you the other... and that starts a pattern where it feels like it is his way or the highway.

    Six of Pentacles - there are efforts to share, you are determined to reach out and communicate and try to get him to see your side in life....

    Nine of Swords - to no avail. He has taken the high ground in the relationship and it is no longer a relationship, it is one sided and he is drawing energy away from you to shore up his position in life, This is extremely painful for you and you are crying a lot.

    Three of Swords - you can see how heartbreaking this was, leading to the first


    Now we come to the next series of seven cards

    You decide to try again... but look...

    Ten of Wands - you are bringing all the baggage from the past with you, how can you not? It is burdensome.

    The Star - still, there is hope that it can be different this time. After all, you are back together again!

    Strength - you are trying to be stronger this time.. not let him get to you... you are growing spiritually also below the surface and this has been the entire point all along was to develop you within.

    Page of Wands - more efforts to communicate. You seem stuck here in a kind of fog for a long time... not sure about life, your heart feels sad and lonely...

    Two of Wands - something else enters in, another person? beckoning to you from afar, you are feeling the tug of something new and it has you excited for one. You are saying, "Maybe I can be happy in life! Maybe I can be more than an ornament for someone else's life."

    This starts a process leading quickly to JUSTICE. Heaven is intervening now, you are strong enough now to move on, and because of that matters will now accelerate quickly and take you away from this present situation into something much much nicer (perhaps connected back to that two of wands who entered just before. Could be a heavenly spirit help or something too.. in any case it is a bright hope for you).

    JUSTICE is where you are right now... you can see my pencil just happened to fall on that card and points to it, telling us that this is the present energy over you, Heaven has seen your tears and your broken heart and is NOT wanting you to suffer this any longer, Time to move on YES...

    and look at what your next stop will be.

    The TEN of CUPS - which shows your life in a new heavenly place where all is so lovely and sweet and you will be pinching yourself every day wondering 'how can this be, this much delicious love and intimacy and true relationship - all that I ever dreamed of and more!" SO this is coming for you my dear, something very BEAUTIFUL and BRIGHT and you will get through this time!

    Now... your present situation... what can you do?

    The first card of this is the Page of Swords and that is you, I received very strongly that you should find some quiet space very soon and WRITE OUT YOUR FEELINGS about this relationship and how it is no longer serving a positive purpose FOR YOU. You should script it a little so that you can be prepared.


    YOU: John, I am divorcing you because my emotional needs are not being met with you, and I ned to move on.

    JOHN: What are you talking about Peggy, We have great relationship! I remember ten years ago you told me you loved me deeply and thought we would go on forever!

    YOU: Yes perhaps I did say that, nevertheless, my emotional needs are not being met with you, and I ned to move on.

    Do you see? That is an example of emotional abuse, where there is no real interest in YOU as a person, but only in maintaining their control of the relationship by telling you what your reality is. This can only go on for so long and eventually the Universe intervenes with judgment and justice and the abuser learns a very hard lesson that you can't treat people like that.

    So, stick to your guns. DO NOT LET him convince you of anything, and be aware that any conversations you have with him "about the two of you" will go nowhere pleasant after you have made the decision to leave him. He is not going to like it because he feeds off your energy and he is not going to like his free energy coming from you taken away. Nevertheless you are PROTECTED BY ANGELS and are now under the justice energy so you can be assured that all will work out.

    STAY SWEET AS PIE. Or try to anyway. He tries to argue, just smile and tell your emotional needs must be met. Period. He cannot argue with that. Use wisdom, while you are going thru the transition try to maintain the peace as much as you can. You can still be 'friendly' toward him while keeping your emotional distance. It is a painful time however you are strong enough now to handle it.

    Take what I say with a grain of salt... I am only giving you my perspective from my own life experiences. You are doing the right thing though... I am praying for you that you will find the security and financial support you need. You will be fine, God will provide. Keep following your heart, you are a lovely lade with a bright, beautiful heart - and YOU DESERVE BETTER. And that ten of cups tells me you WILL HAVE BETTER me dear.

    Love and much peace and strength for you....

    Perhaps others here as well will also encourage you, I for one salute you.

    Take that time to write out your feelings... do you journal? If not, this would be a great time to start.

    love, astra

  • Hello Astra,

    Thank You so very much !!!

    Your words sounded so to the point and TRUE to my situation and I felt a great relieve. I will write the journal and I am planing as you said to peacefully go though it. I am happy for the end result :).

    Blessings and Love !!


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