Help with a reading on how someone feels?

  • Did this spread on a reading over how someone feels for me, and got some weird cards that make this a lot more difficult than usual. ^^;

    What the person thinks they feel. - Queen of Swords

    This is really hard for me to understand. I'm more of a Queen of Cups/Wands type. Does this mean he sees me as a cutthroat kind of person, or someone who gets straight to the point of things?

    What the person physically feels - Two of Cups

    That he wants to be close, and exchange thoughts, or ideas

    What the person feels emotionally - Six of Cups

    This was another confusing card for me. Does this mean he is hung up on someone from his past,or that I remind him of someone he knows?

  • Sweetie, you need to stop trying to pull cards on this as you are too emotionally attached. Anything you pull is going to be a message from Spirit TO and ABOUT YOU. You need to stop thinking about this so much. Too much anxiety and worry! Balance, balance, balance. Emotional maturity and equilibrium. You need to get a hold of yourself and go forward by cultivating a friendship with this guy. If you push for too much too soon it will backfire. It will also backfire if you get too wrapped up in all this emotional anxiety about what you want to happen with him. It will come across as neediness and that is a surefire way to send him running.

  • You're right. I guess I'm just very...confused by him. He seems to go very back and forth a lot. (He's a libra) And I'm never really sure exactly what he feels about anything, because he goes back and forth so much.

    I think too, I'm just frustrated because he's not a person I'm able to read easily. I can't ever tell what his intentions are, and that worries me a little.

    But you're right. I need to calm myself down and just let whatever happens, happen.

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