What will happen to me?

  • It does seem so dark. Don't know how to do this? I just want it to get better for us but I have so much hurt and don't want to let go.

    Please give me hope. How did it come to this?

  • J3nnygr

    It took time for you to face truth in the relationship because you have the deeper connection. You feel like your sinking into a depression and need to have a good friend to talk to at this time. Every relationship that we choose to have in this lifetime is one that will teach us lessons about ourselves and the other person involved in it.

    You need to have time to think things through and than make better informed deceisions for your life at this time. You know how it came to this and may have felt it coming for awhile. Get counseling for yourself or with your partner if he will go with you. Forgiveness is so much harder to do than any of us believe it can be, that is why we need a good support group to help us heal.

    Dear it will pass these emotions you are feeling at this time. Pray and ask for spiritual guidence too. The form of hope that I can offer is this: Know that when you have faced your fears and conquered them, that you will than find true happiness.

    Let us know how your healing process is going. Have a Happy Holiday as this is the beginning of a New Year and just may be one of the best you have ever had.


  • Shuabby,

    I wanted to update you that I am trying my best to disconnect. My heart is broken that he is not fighting to stay us but I filed and now we are in the middle of settling the details. Are you able to tell if we will part ways and no longer communicate? Will we ever make up? I know he will regret this but I will have already moved on by that time.

    Oddly through all this I still feel like I am watching a Brooklyn bridge jumper. He wants to jump and I can't stop it. THat is the hardest thing about all of this.



  • J3nnyqr

    We can not stop someone from living their free will choices. It is theirs to live. You more than likely have done all you have the knowledge to do and sometimes believe it or not the person that is trying to save the other one, just stunts their life lessons and growth along with their own. Do not let him off the hook when settling the details. You are a woman that deserves the better things in life and will receive some of them wheather you have your eyes closed or not.

    He will someday look back with regret , but that is far out in time.

    Please let go of him and ask your angels to help you heal and in time you will meet another man that is in no way like the one that just left. You are a lovable , good hearted woman and you need to STOP trying to rescue men. When you do, than you will have the man come into your life that will be an equal balance for you and you will remain partnered for life.

    Best Wishes


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