AstraAngel, update & question for you please!!

  • Hi AstraAngel, I just wanted to tell you I decided to write to my ex. I wrote him a long email and i was wondering if you could do a reading for me and tell me whats going to happen now? and also how he feels about the email? Id really appreciate it! Thanks for everything!

  • Hi VirgoGirl921

    I drew the Ten of Coins, the Page of Wands (your message), the Queen of Coins, the King of Coins

    and I see only wonderful things here. Look at this...

    You are the Queen.... he is the Queen, you share a heritage (coins) and the result of your message (Page of Wands) takes you closer to your goal together which i see as the Ten of Coins which is conjugal and material bliss.

    Three of Swords - the pain has been great

    Ace of Coins - and this new beginning that is coming is so much greater than the pain you will hardly remember it at all.

    I hope that helps... blessings...


  • Thank you thank you thank you!! 🙂 I wI'll let you know what happens! Always such a big help, thanks again god bless!

  • I just had to tell you ... 2 minutes after I wrote my last message HE CALLED!!!!! Thank u so much!!!!

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