What is my colleague's agenda?

  • Actually she is our enployee and we cannot figure her out any more. She does things on her own initiative, refuses to do tasks for us, plays dumb on occasion, tries to play us up against her manager, cannot work together with my husband, refuses to take orders from me.

    Anyone have insight? We are at a loss.

    Thx Paddi

  • Have an honest talk with her - lay down the rules firmly but with compassion - and if she doesn't comply, let her go and hire someone else 🙂

  • Yes that is my idea too, unfortunately Dutch law does not allow you to just let someone go because they do not believe in your principles, that is if they decide to contest your decision you will lose in a court of law, especially if you fill the job with someone else. The easiest way is to make the position non-existant. Tough.

    BTW long time no see WG! Mind you I have not been around here much the last couple of weeks, too much translation work.


  • I sense she is extremely bored and feeling unchallenged in her work. Is there a way to give her more to do or to stretch her abilities and duties in any way? She is a very bright girl and could be an asset if used correctly.

  • Oh my....my brain is too fried tonight to comprehend that 🙂 Is this someone working in your home as a nanny or maid or something of the sort?

    Anyway, nice to "see" you as well. I have been on much less lately as well. I had a tough day cleaning my emotional past out of the garage - HAHAHA - need to do an energy clearing now for sure. I found a morning meditation I like that guides you through the chakras - preparing you for the day ahead, but since I don't do Reiki or chakra balancing myself I'm not sure II know what I'm doing with regard to clearing out this icky energy from today - any pointers?

  • You went to the right place for a chakra balancing. Paddi did mine a few weeks ago and with the meditation you sent they are still humming along. Humming is probably a stretch but 100% better.

    Sorry for the T/J but wanted to say thanks again to all of you, you have all helped me so much 🙂 Blmoon also if you are passing by..

  • watergirl you could do the whirlwind energy field cleansing thing where you visualise a whirlwind which starts at the top of your head and whirls down to your feet around your body in to the ground. You have to let it go at its own pace though. A good chakra cleansing is the Doreen Virtue colour one, I will search for the book and post it here, you can do it anywhere any time. I can do them too if you like.


  • Hi Captain she had a trial management period of 3. months after she said she thought she was fit for senior management and after 2 months her doctor told her she was really tense and stressed and heading for a burnout, she says from work. So she got back her 9 to 5 don't think for yourself job. I do not get involved in operations at all because even though my husband and I are excellent business partners it puts a big strain on married life and I have a lot of problems with his chaotic manner. But when it affects the personnel I usually jump in because he is not socially capable and can be very rude and hurtful (also privately). I think a talk is on the cards with her, we used to be good friends before she asked to join the company and I told her then it would put an end to our closeness.

    Sigh I have to find a mediator for the weekly meeting this afternoon my husband is on a mission, he is so angry with her, she made someone director on paper without our permission or authorisation.

    Hugs to all


  • Abetterplace how sweet of you, I sometimes wonder if people just say they felt it to be nice and not to be rude, I find it difficult to believe in my own powers since the whole idea of tapping in to someone's energy field when you don't know them, don't even know their proper name or where they live, is just bizarre. People who charge for it always want names and locations and other info. Does that make them better?


  • Paddi - I have always felt that it is the intention. I know when you do distance healing, you are told to have a name, maybe even a picture, location but I send energy to people I've never met based on a "handle" and I think the handle is attached to the person and is just as good as getting a name. Everyone does things differently and one of the first things I was told was do whatever feels right to you. You have sent energy to me and I have felt it and was not just saying that to be nice. You are very good.

    I question my abilities also and have a friend that is HIGHLY sensitive to energy. I literally only have to think of her to get her wired for hours. She always knows when I think about her. I hardly ever concentrate on sending a "session" because if I do, she will be wired for days. Just a gentle tap is all she ever requires and she always thanks me when I do so. I remember talking to my Master about this and they said to trust...it does what it needs to do whether we think we are doing it or not.

    And on that note...sorry I can't help with your employee....where I live, the law allows you to terminate someone without a reason. I don't know which would be worse?

  • Paddi can you do like the employers do over here: they have to document the errors and talk to the employee each time (it depends on what the company guidelines say about termination) usually it 3 times and by the 4th time you can let them go

  • Thanks, Paddi! Well, I certainly was in a whirlwind of dust yesterday in the garage so I'll give that one a "whirl" (LOL).

  • This woman definitely feels she is meant for bigger and better things - maybe you could sit down and sort through what she feels she can do (her capabilities etc. ) and remind her that when she tried upper management, she got very stressed about it. Maybe she needs to do something more creative rather than managerial - she really does want to contribute and feels underused.

  • Thanks AuntBuck. I cannot come up with a suitable reply. Your words are very profiund for me.

    Captain, I will do that, she is a creative person and should not be doing bookkeeping at all, same as my husband. She used to be the lead female singer in his band, before he gave it up and business got in the way of friendship.


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