Does he have feelings or does he just want to work w/ me? Astra? Anybody?

  • Hi!

    Okay, so I went out with this guy a couple of times on what I like to call ambigu-dates, because while the first one felt like one, it was never defined as it. Recently he asked me if I'd like to work on a project with him. The thing is I'm not sure if he wants to just work with me and respects me for what i do, or he actually has feelings for me and this is his way of trying to get close to me because he might be afraid of being rejected if he actually grew a pair and asked me out for real. Can anyone help me out with a tarot reading on what he might be actually feeling for me currently so I know whether or not I'm wasting my time fantasizing about our future children?

    Thank you much!

  • I drew the four of cups which is that "I am disappointed with love" while a new love is being offered from heaven. He isn't looking up though.

    Chariot - energies are sweeping him along. To where though?

    Hanged Man - He is disoriented. Confused. And losing the change from his pockets.

    King of Swords - He is also trying to rely on his brain. He is convinced he can think. At least he thinks he can. Pretty sure.

    Nine of Wands - This does show signs of some character, no doubt from that place 'back there' which left him with three swords sticking out of his heart (below)

    Knight of Pentacles - Ugh, material goals on the brain, probably that 'project' thing whatever that is.

    THREE OF SWORDS - Not good. Some deep heartache from somewhere.

    The outcome for the two of you trying to do anything together as in a relationship? The Moon. A lot of weird emotional energies...

    Ugh... I think I would keep shopping... the only cup we saw was the first card and it wasn't a real super-duper cup. The rest is a real mixed bag. 'He' would be the real project for you to figure out. Insecurities.

    Follow your heart.


  • Oh man. Thanks Astra.

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