Cross Road...

  • Hello everyone.....

    while i went through most of the topics and the replies i felt i should share mine as well.

    my life has become so messed up in the last 2 yrs .i had been to bad relationships and mental

    setbacks....m yet to recover .please guide me ...why i always end up getting a wrong person in my

    life DOB : 01.08.1982,time: 5:30 am,place ranchi,india.

  • Wrong people and wrong situations in your life means you don't yet know what is RIGHT for you or who and what would make you happy. You need to put some deep thought into what you really want - and not what other people tell you to want or what you THINK they want of you. You have to live your life the way YOU want to or you will never truly be happy. Examine your love choices - were they what you really wanted or were they just people you thought would be suitable and acceptable to your family and friends or sopciety in general? Did you LIKE them as people?

    And you don't need a partner to enjoy life.

  • Many Thanks Captain for the guidance ..yes i do feel i dint examined myself well during those

    times . Being emotional at times made me think that ways . I feel much better now .

    trying to sort out my career once again . But my parents are worried for my marriage as lot of astrologers have not given a good opinion about my married life ..i don't know how to make them understand .

  • I'm sure they want you to be happy first and foremost, so you must tell them if you are not happy with any person or career they think would be right for you.

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