What does Devil as feelings mean

  • Hello 🙂

    I was having some difficulty with a spread i was trying out. I found it rather interesting and it did provide me with some useful infromation i was just wondering if i could get any feedback in regards to what i have come up with or if anyone could add anything to it..

    I especially feel as if the devil brings a rather negative aspect to this so it really important that someone helps me out with that if possible 🙂

    What does he need from me: Hierophant (ten of pentacles)

    Well i get two things here

    1. He wants me to move forward in school and go towards the career im going for because he thinks it what will be best for in terms of being able to build a family and support my family

    2. I also see it as him wanting to live a very highstandard lifestyle that follows tradition to the tee and theres no way of breaking any sort of rules and he expects that of me

    What does he want from me: Justice (king of cups)

    He wants me to stay balanced in my feelings for him the king of cups is knowning more so about your emotions but not totally letting them out in an outof control way in a way that is mature and controlled which follows along with the justice

    What are his feelings for me: Devil (sun)

    This is where im confussed the devil first thing purely about physcial interaction but then the sun more so physcial to i would say ... but its also a very postiive card and i kinda of see the sunlight making things move along to better stage

    My advice regarding him: knight of pentacles

    Take things very slow and i need to be analytical, and observe every detail within the situation from a logical point of view, and be patient about it. This knight isnt one to rush in he will take his time and check and recheck things, and analyze from every nook and corner.

    Results: Three of pentacles

    3 of Pentacles: you have the birth of trust; or you have a relationship beginning to take shape; or you have security with someone

    I really do appreciate the help 🙂

  • Your first question is the key as you said NEED so what he wants and what you both need to make it work may be two different things. The devil card does suggest that. I'm picking up on a psychic connection that the Devil is suggesting CHANGE. The advice card is urging you to be more ME oriantated. To wade through your need and fears and get to your needs. You are asked to have within yourself a detached but loyal protector that keeps your focus on fairness and boundries. In the end try not to fear being you and worried how HE feels about that. Do not censure yourself as it will constantly put you in a place of not having faith or security in being lovable--for who you are. The justice card echoes that as it suggests you must apreciate being "deserving". Trust in your own goodness---nobody is perfect. Keep your intentions open and honest and justice is the energy that will dominate. Be good to yourself and others will be good to you. I'm picking up you are a pleaser and that's a never ending road to little imagined mistakes and failures and never feeling secure. You are urged to change your focus and he will follow your lead. I suggest when feeling peaceful and not urgent for answers do another card reading but this time ask as your prayer questions about yourself and not about him--then compare. BLESSINGS!

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