Scorpio freeze out after I caught him cheating...

  • My Scorpio ex (11/6/71) and I (2/24/62) have a love hate relationship...when we met, it was something like when Tony and Maria met on WestSide Story...our eyes met and everyone else in the room disappeared. Thats how I felt, and my ex told me the same thing without me ever telling him what I experienced. Our relationship became very intense emotionally bery fast...we broke up and I moved to another state. A month later we saw each other online and started dating again long distance. After about 5 months we decided to move someplace different and start a life together. In the year that we first knew each other, we DID NOT have sex of any kind. After moving in together, it was 2 months before we slept together. It was the most intense experience I ever had. One thing surprised me though...when we did sleep together, my ex laid down ground rules about what they would and wouldnt do with me. I figured that was because they had been around the block quite a few times and they always told me everyone always wanted them for sex. I felt flattered...the whole Madonna/ whore thing....3 months later we got married, only for me to find out a month later that they were sleeping with a co-worker. Needless to say the fights became endless...they insisted it was in my imagination. Then one day I ran into a friend of theirs who confirmed the affair. When confronted, they stll denied it until I told them who confirmed it...theyre response..."i dont love you, I never loved you, they were only words"...over the phone...I never heard from them again except to recieve divorce papers....They are no longer with the other person...and weve both been involved with other people since, but through the years and through repeated attempts to communicate on my part, Ive been completely frozen out...if they see me out, they run the other way....they refer to me as some crazy stalker. Being a Pisces, I know damn well that they say and do the things they do and ignore me because they were caught red- handed, not because of lack of love. A few months ago, I found them on facebook...Ive sent multiple messages, but recieve no reply...but they dont block me, which i find odd if im a stalker....does this person still love me ? I cant seem to get them out of my I imagining that there is still something there. Its been years, but I just get this feeling that they still care about me, but are afraid to hurt me and to have to deal with what they did. Its almost like theyre in my head refusing to allow me to let go even though theyve frozen me out........any thoughts ?

  • This relationships seems to have been made in heaven - but ended up in hell. There is no going back now unless BOTH of you are prepared to put in the time and effort - and your ex just doesn't seem willing to do that. Yes this has been an intense relationship but also a long exhausting war. It's time to retire from the battlefield and find someone less troubling and complex.

  • **** = hel*l. I can't believe that word would get censored.

  • It looks pretty obvious to me. He (they?) has severed the cord totally. Why dont you want to accept that? Holding on IS more painful than letting go.

    Let go or be dragged by the past. Hugs.

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