Anyone know anything about Synchronicity

  • A woman on here keeps seeing 951 wherever she goes. My aunt had the samething with 226. Is there any meaning to seeing these same numbers or any numbers over and over and over again?

  • Maybe you should go through numerology!

    I believe it might mean something when they show up over and over again!


  • Another clue..................maybe it's like with pregnant women......once you're pregnant, you see pregnant women all around.....

    I was dating a guy, he had a read car ( forgot the typ of it)

    Anyway, after I broke up with him.............I believed all Germany was full of those cars. I've seen so many of them, while before ...............just very very seldom!

    These days my favorite colour is green, all in a sudden everything green jumps in my matter whether I'm in or outdoors, on TV at work, stores, clothes from people passing by, just everywhere...........

    When my first born died.......the constallation of her B-day ( numbers) also did jump on me everywhere....back then I truly believed I'm loosing my mind over my loss!



  • Its a fascinating subject not just with numbers of course but in general i do have a bit of a thing with the number 9 its not so much that i see it repeatedly but i have a slight fear of it i have no idea why i also believe it is the number of mars which as an aries is my ruling planet but i will avoid this number if possible-strange i know.

  • Dear Shadowplay..I see 9 as a karmic number and therefore a number for siritual journey-taking-often up Mount Everest. I think it is 'religious' in the widest sense and rather therefore ending towards a secluded , rather lonely lifestyle.

    Dear Rudy, was your aunt a idow at the time? The other umver suggests an illness perhaps.

    Dear ajat85. So sorry to hear of your loss. My second boy also died (at birth) and I must say you feel as if the gods have singled you out for a cosmic battering. Yes numbers and synchronicity definitely exist...I believe the world is numbers as Pythagoras said . I am an 8 person by the way and attract power struggles with relentless monotony.. Peace everyone.

  • This post is deleted!

  • I've had that happen to me also with Cars. So I guess what your saying is, certain things become positive thoughts and the Universe will then bring you what your thinking about.

    I should try that with blondes! 😃 ....that's a whole differant subject.....sorry!

  • AJA...that's a great idea!

  • highprietess....she was a widow at the time! good guess...or your good! what does being a widow have to do with schronicity? I'm intrigued!

  • Hi rudygreen..been on holiday for ages so cannot remember my thought process at the time - I mix intuition with science...but what is astrology, but numbers set out in geometrically ordered shapes?...I believe in karma and orderly chaos, but like you that when we think a thing it is on its y to happening (hoe your think of blondes' mantra worked. Getting bac to numberse, 226 = 10 = 1 'alone' even if you're surrounded by people .House numbers work too...I live in a 6 ...not good for my health I, work, work too, the house will be an office...yes, it beame a self-flfillinh prophecy. What humber house are you in if you don't mind telling me?

  • Yes...My aunt was a widow at the time! sorry about the long delay in answering. Kind of forgot I posted on here. 😃 Thanks everyone for your responses

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