Astra, a birtday reading please

  • Hi Astra,

    I hope you had a good holiday. Mine was fine but quiet. I am not in much of a holiday mood. I used to love the holidays when my kids were little but they are just not as much fun as they used to be. The magic of the surprise and wonder of children on Christmas morning was always so fun. Anyway...

    Tomorrow is my birthday and I was hoping you might just do a birthday reading for me (12/1/58). I don't have any particular questions. Life all just seems so depressing right now. My love life is in the pits, the state is talking about another 2.2% pay cut for us so I need to find a second job, the weather is dark and cold, etc. Can you just shed a bit of light on this whole situation?

    Hope all is well with you.



  • Hi sadsag

    Hey, I understand... you are in a place where what you see is not what you would like to see. That is a common problem. Let's see about a nice birthday reading for you!

    Strength - well this a wonderful card to see here. This tells me you are a lot stronger than you realize. You have the strength and courage of lion in fact! Maybe you are not half man and half horse with a bow and arrow.. I see a half woman of faith and half roaring lion.. and instead of a bow and arrow you have a bazooka! We never realize how strong we really are when we are in the low places... and yet that is when we really shine. To heaven and angels you are a towering giant of faith and trust and hope!

    The Hierophant - Words of love is what I am getting... I always think of the high love principle with the Hierophant with this card. The preacher and marriage maybe. I see this as a sign that you will soon have this experience of transcendent love, higher love, heavenly love flooding through your heart. A birthday is a wonderful time to look forward to the new of what you are becoming and let the past go of what you were. You are a butterfly in the making, and you are a lovely one. It is dark in that chrysalis, and it can seem bleak at times... I see a little crack though in that shell... and some lovely starting to peek into your life. Do you see that? I do.

    Ace of Swords - this next 'birthday year' for you is going to be the best year of you life! Can you believe that? I can! I am expecting only fantastic news from you of a improvements financially, and some lovely things happening in your love life! I can feel it, can't you!

    I tell you what.. I want to come over to YOUR house for Christmas and New Years, because I have a feeling there is going to be some exciting news that will be absolutely contagious with you this holiday season. Youe card do sense that don't you? Sure you do... it is written all over you. The Ace of Swords is like the kiss of love from heaven, saying... EVERYTHING is on track in your life, and everything is going to work perfectly for you! Yes!

    AND... The Three of Cups. Look at that sadsag! Look at that card... this is the celebration of life and love card! This is the card that says you will be dancing, and singing before you know it! WHEN you ask? Ah... now that would be peeking into your packages... and we all know that is a little naughty... you want to sit there, under the tree is okay... just don't open up your gifts just yet... you can look all you want... and you can wonder... you have to be a little patient though... and then, Santa comes with all the love and financial blessings and happiness you could every possibly imagine.

    This Christmas wil be the happiest Christmas ever for you. Can't you feel that? I do, so much.

    I will be thinking about you, and I wish you a beautiful birthday tomorrow! You are due for such happiness and pleasure and fulfillment in your life... you are due... you are ready too, aren't you? Sure you are... and it is coming... I see it for you!

    Here is a little photo for you... now... like I said... you can look only... don't do like I did when I was a kid, and sneak into the living room late at night and carefully... carefully open up a package to see what it was... and then wrap it back up and hope the tape would still hold... 😉

    love to you, and Happy Birthday to a beautiful, faith-filled lady...


  • Astra,

    Thank you for the wonderful reading and the birthday wishes. I am working on that positive attitude and seeing the good in my life. My day has been filled with happy wishes and love from my wonderful freinds. Tonight I will have dinner with my son and his grilfreind. That will be a very nice way to sepnd my evening. I I really have no complaints about my day. I promise to not peek at the wonderful gits that are coming my way. I will just wait and accept them one at a time as they arrive. You are welomce to come on over and share in the fun! Thanks again for lifting my spirits, as usual.

    Love and hugs,


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