Need some insight on a life crossroads, any readings would be appreciated

  • Hello, I am at a crossroads in my life, and need some advice if at all possible. My name is Heather, my date of birth 6-19-88 in La Mesa, CA. I need answers to the following questions:

    1. I am currently trying to fix a very broken marriage for the sake of my two year old son. Is it going to work? Will the love i used to feel come back or is it just a part of my past now?

    2. I recently moved and am looking for a job, will I find something soon, or is my patience going to be tested some more?

    3. My best guy friend and childhood crush just professed strong feelings for me, which obviously makes me even more confused than I already am. If I were to pursue a relationship with him, would it be a worthwhile thing? Is he sincere on his confessions?

    Again, I will be grateful for any insight, Thank you. Love Peace and Light 🙂

  • 1. Your son won't be happy if you are not happy. And you cannot make love grow where it has been lost.

    2. I see you staying at home looking after your son for a while - could you do some work from home, like baby-sitting or laundry, crafts, selling on eBay, etc?

    3. I feel this is worthwhile pursuing - with an open mind and cautious heart - because otherwise there would always be the 'what if?' to plague you.

  • Thank you Captain as always 🙂

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