Help with a reading please

  • So I did a relationship reading and this is what I got:

    1. How you see the other person: five of pentacles (R)

    2. How the other person sees you: 10 of swords (R)

    3. What you need: the magician (R)

    4. What the other person needs: page of swords (R)

    5. Where the relationship is now: page of cups (R)

    6.Where you would like the relationship to go: knight of swords

    7. Where the other person would like the relationship to go: the devil (R)

    8. Factors to be considered: four of pentacles

    9. The end result: ace of pentacles

    the reversals seem to throw me off, so any help interpreting this reading would be great, thanks!

  • Mystizoid

    I was interested in your spread - what did you get out of it?

    I will give you what I got and will be interested to see how it matches up with anything

    The general sense from this is that there is a communications issue that is blocking progress in the relationship.

    1. THe Five of pentacles is a material change card, and is usually portrayed as being shut out from help, material comfort. SO there is s sense that you see the other person as resistant to your need for physical closeness and comfort.

    2. The other person sees you as someone who is pretty much dead in the communication realm. Something is blocking the flow of communication from you to them, and so they react and close off physically until your communicating the way they need.

    3. You need a miracle to open up in the way they need.

    4. THe other person is in need of communication, from your heart to them.

    5. The relationship is communicating in emotional ways, this page is very innocent and childlike, naive a little The sense is that there is some communication however this other person is really, really wanting to communicate on some deep, more intense, clear, rational, forthright, very truthful ways.

    6. You would like to be the knight in this situation, taking charge and meeting the need to open up. Something is stopping this i am not sure what...

    7. THe other person is ready willing and able to respond in very sensual, comforting pleasurable ways, all is hinging on your communications efforts.

    8. The factors to be concerned are this same resistance from the other person in blocking an openness to you until the verbal sharing is freed up. This would probably have been the five of pents again had that card been returned to the deck.

    9. the Ace shows a new beginning in physical manifesting ways between you - this can only mean that the communicating is resolved and there is the flow achieved back and forth, resulting in the devil physical pleasure and comfort and this is indicated by a return to the seed of beginnings in the physical. You can see how you see the other person is the center factor in this matter and it is ultimately resolved in the Ace. You see the other person closed off from you physically when all the while they really want to open up to you physically, All that is required is for you to open your soul to them, be very honest and open and then... magic occurs (the Magician) and the relationship is healed sweetly.

    The reversals I don't pay much attention to. I don't see then that significant as compared to the card chosen, however that is just me and everyone has their views on that.

    I hope that gave you something to think about.



  • AstraAngel,

    The spread was basically to get an insight into a relationship.

    Your interpretation was spot on! I have a tough time expressing myself, which is the communication block. And I have recently noticed that the other person is sort of getting distant. I REALLY want to fix this, but I just can't get myself to express more; it's just so difficult for me.

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