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  • I have moved on with my life, separated, divorced, and now I just bought a townhouse. Which I am very proud of myself. I never thought life would go on. But I would like to know if I will ever have someone to share my life with. I really don't want to be alone. Is that good man ever coming into my life?

  • Dear Marsc

    Congratulations of surviving that many tribulations. It takes a special person to survive and pull such hardship off. Well done. Your guides are so very proud of you. Know this. Plus they do love you.

    As for love and new man i see the month April. Now this can mean many things, but i sense and slightly see a man enter your life when you at least expect it.

    When it happens do yourself the favor of going slow, get to know him well, and allow him to get to know you well. I feel the overall message for anything friendsship relastionship love for 2012 is a "get to know one another slowly and properly" it´s a don´t jump the gun year.

    I hope this helps, if not ask again.



  • Thank you, for you help. Do you know who my guides are?

  • In my book are guides useal deceased family members. off bat i detect 3 generation back is one of your guides. Guides are also angels. When we die we ain´t done doing good. To get nmore i would need a photo of you to tune more in,


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