To the Captain - Love advice please (other's thoughts welcome too!)

  • Hello Captain, back after a year or so. Need your insight/help. My ex boyfriend of 15 off again- on again years is totally over.( He 09/04/42 Virgo, me Pisces 2/27/37. (Man we are OLD, but still alive and kicking). He meet a woman from Canada, he is a Floridian. They are madly in love after knowing each other for 2 weeks. They have been communicating thru emails daily for the last month since she went back to Canada. She will be coming to Florida in 10 days and and he insists that they marry. Asks her daily. His need to marry someone so soon that he doesn't even know is very scary to me. I fear it is for financial security as he is 70 now and has nothing. I have feelings for him , yes, but would never get back with him as he has hurt me way to badly and dismissed our many years as only a emotional tie.

  • Pompanofish, then what is it you want to know exactly if you are finished with this man? He told and I told you that you should only be friends. If you want to ask me more, can you please start your own personal thread as this belongs to Astronelly.

  • WOW! maybe some one else wants to help besides The Captain.. I never know where to go on this to ask for advise..always seem to be on the wrong tread. Geeeze , I hoped you where here for advise and understanding. Quess I was wrong.

    Thanks anyway. Sorry I am not Astonelly, but seems to me there are others that are not either. How does one get their own thread? Sorry I laid out my heart and soul to really was not an easy thing to do and I was hoping for someone to understand and help.

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