Sound love advice.....

  • I really just feel the need to say this. I feel the leading of the Spirit. So, i have to be true to that 1st and foremost.

    A tad bit about me. I am 43. I was married for a long time to the wrong. I had a lengthy relationship with my childhood sweetheart before that. Then a 2 year relationship until recently.

    I can tell all of you, that when true love strikes, you will know it.

    You feel it deep within your soul. its characteristics are is what they are...

    Love builds, love lift ups, it encourages, it supports, it comforts, it wants to do things for your lover. It propels you to be abetter person for your mate. it is looking into your lovers eyes and knowing that you are seeing the same back. it brings about a peace, a joy....a will and a need to be happy.

    Here is what it is is not jealous, dramatic, spiteful, clingy, worryfull, mad, confused or pissed. Love does not agitate it calms. Love does not accuse, it accepts, love does not question, it just knows, love does not make someone ignorant, it opens up your mind and soul.

    But, trust me on this one, if you cannot give that type of love, you cannot receive it. BC you do not know what it looks like, you do not know how to nourish it and grow it.

    Love is putting someone before yourself.

    Love does not live in lustfull hook ups. It does not need or require someone to be "hot" or cool or smooth or a mack needs pureness, honesty and integrity all things associated with light...that is what love need warmth, nourishment, the ability to grow...not control, manipulate or condemn.....not fear doubt or worry, things that come in the dark....NO. Love throws its arms open in the glorious light of the sun..not huddeling in the dark hugging yourself.

    Whew!! Just needed to get that out. I really feel like it is for someone other than myself.

  • It may well be for a lot of people. So many cling to the thrill of being in love or the thrill of lust. They miss the true passion of a loving supportive relationship. They miss the peaceful feeling of just knowing that the person is right for them at this time.

    Thanks f

  • That is so beautiful!!!!!

  • I hope one day I find love, it sounds like a wonderful ideal.

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