Astral Angel can you help me....Again????

  • Hi Astral Angel,

    Once again im getting the run around by my Virgo Jake! I cant understand how or why were going through this again?? You interpreted a reading for me not long ago & all looked positive for our future. He told me he was in love with me a couple of weeks ago & last weekend he let me down Again. I have spoken to him about this so many times now but he always reverts back. I think his friends are stirring the pot & telling him im too old etc....Would you be so kind to do a reading for me please? I know he loves me whats going on??

    Many thanks


  • Zana,

    virgo men seem to be "infamous" for that arent they ? 🙂 but thats a whole new thread... we can trade stories...

  • Zana

    1. How did he 'let you down'? Tell us about that.

    2. This is something you keep speaking to him about what exactly is that?

    3. You say 'his friends are stirring the pot & telling him im too old etc'? On what basis are you drawing that conclusion?

    I think there is a lot going on with you that is causing the very things you do NOT want this relationship.

    Queen of Pentacles. You are very focused on material reality, and the Fool. You do not want to be made a fool of (again).

    Eight of Cups - something ended painfully and you waled away and do not want to see that happen with him. So you are looking hard at circumstances (material - pentacles) to shore up your assurance.

    Seven of Cups, and the Queen of Swords. Then, you start imagining things emotionally, "what is he really feeling? What are his friends whispering to him about me? Will he leave me? Is this relationship for real? I do not want to be hurt, I need reassurance, and I feel broken... I need to know he is there for me.. " a lot of this emotional imagining over you right now.... relax..... tone that all down... all will work out, okay? This is simply something you are learning.... take some deep breathes... go for a nice walk.... whisper to heaven, I love you and I trust you....

    So tell us about questions 1-3 and we can go from there....

    love and light


  • Wow Astra the cards you pulled are exactly what im feeling.

    1. Jake has on a number of occasions made plans with me (he initiates) & then doesnt show up or changes his mind without telling me. I feel hes being immature & has the attitude of "shes not going to get the better of me". I think its his fear of being hurt which I understand to a point but difficult to deal with at the time & provokes anger in me & I bite back. Ihave my own fears too.

    2. Because of this we've split up for 4 months & got back together & only got back together recently all was good for about 4 weeks & now were off again. Im frightened of being made a fool of & of being hurt or stuck in an unhappy reationship. I want respect & consideration, like he gives his friends & I give to him.

    3. Im not certain that his friends say anything derogatory about me but they are all quite negative about women & are either in unhappy relationships or have been "Burned" by a woman lol....Jake works & livesclose to these guys, theyre together all the time. They dont take ownership of their behaviour in their relationships. So I have said to Jake on occasions that it takes 2 to tango, that we reap what we sow etc.

    I made the mistake of splitting up w Jake out of the blue due to my fears of becoming one of the "women" they complain about. At the time everything was good with us but the lifestyle was mundane, unhealthy & predictable, like hanging out at his place drinking w his buddies & not much else. This was going on for almost 12 months. I initiated talks about my fears when he & friend decided they wanted to go into business together & they wanted me to do their book work. This was like a commitment that I wasnt sure I could make due to his lifestyle, I tried talking to Jake about it but he would just dismiss it & said it wasnt my place to say as we arent married etc. In hindsight I shouldve insisted on talking but its really difficult to talk to him as he shuts down or he thinks im trying to control him. He has told me that he loves me & I do feel that but if I dont see him for a few days his attitude towards me/us changes. We do have a lovely relationship when weve had a few days together & he lets his walls down. We cook together & entertain his friends & family & its like were totally in sync. If hes around my friends & family hes also relaxed & affectionate toward me, so its just the times when were not together that the issues occur?? i think that when i called off the relationship things havent been the same in his eyes & his respect for me altered. The problems were there & wouldve surfaced in arguments eventually, ive tried to explain this & introduce him to different things which hes enjoyed like weekend away having massages & aura cleansing/Reiki etc or visiting galleries & going to concerts.Sorry ive really dragged this out lol but I just want Jake to realise that I dont want to control him visa versa, I only want him to be considerate of me & realise there a whole lot more out there to enjoy than just drinking with his mates all the time.

    Im currently unemployed by choice & am waiting to hear about a job ive applied for, I have my own home w a hefty motgage so security is important to me. Jake doesnt have his own home but this doesnt bother me as hes a hard worker & responsible with money. He lives in a town approx 40 mins away from me, I live near the beach & hes in the boonies! 🙂 And he hardly wonders out of his town if he can help it. I hope we can get it together, Id be happy to move to his town eventually if "WE" were in a loving & respectful relationship. I dont want to rush this & dont want to give up either, I just dont know how handle things. Aaaargh!

    Thanks Astra as always your lovely!

    Zana xoxo

  • Hi Astra,

    I replied a few weeks ago as I havent heard from you I was wondering if you're ok?

    Since last reply nothing has changed, I havent heard from him at all,I sent a generic Xmas msg to all in my phone list including him, but no reply?

    It definitely feels like its over.

    I hope all is well with you & your family.

    God bless,,


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