Astra Angel, your thoughts?

  • Hi Astra,

    How are you? I have been thinking about you a lot. I so sincerely wish you will soon find the love and happiness you deserve.

    No signs of any kind so far, but thanks to you, I am more calm at the moment. Would you do another reading for me? I would like to know how he is feeling now and if there is any change in him. At your convenience of course.



  • Hi Pivoine

    I drew the three of pentacles which sounds like work is what he thinking more than anything at the moment.

    Six of Cups - he is thinking sweet things of you though although this feels a little future after this work he is involved with is completed, you are in the right path, take it easy and relax all will work out. Have faith. Cultivate your inner dream about what you would love with him... see yourself together, connect with him in the spirit, embrace him in the air around you... that is love. 🙂

    love and light


  • Oh and thanks for your asking about me, I am okay, though I do get a little tired at times with the readings. However it will find balance, and we are all working together in this, love astra

  • Hi Astra,

    Thank you so much for your answer Astra and your encouragement. It sounds right, he is preparing for an important trip. I shall probably send him a little note wishing him well, unless you think I should not.

    I think we should all try to give you a break. Maybe you need some time for yourself. Don't let us overwhelm you with our problems on this forum. We are too demanding on your kindness and compassion. I shall try not to make any requests unless the anxiety gets very bad again.

    Wishing you a lovely day filled with all that is beautiful with so much gratitude



  • Hello Astra,

    How are you today? It was a beautiful sunny day in my part of the world and I asked the angels to bring some to where you are or at least to your heart.

    I have prepared a sweet loving email but I have not sent it yet. If you have a moment and are not too tired, would you do a reading for me to see if it is a good idea? I am afraid that if I send it and he doesn't answer, I'll start panicking again. On the other hand, I am also afraid that if I don't write he will fall back into 'it's better this way' and 'she is better off without me' mode. Your advice as a wonderful sensitive man is also much valued.

    What do you think he meant when he said he needed me fit if we were one day to dream? Is that a project or an impossible dream he won't do anything to realize?

    Thank you for your help and your prayers, I can feel their wonderful energy.



  • I drew the seven of pentacles which is the "pause" card.. so I would save that email and not send it right now. You don't need to be sending things and wonder will he reply, will he reply... and then feel yourself being dragged down by that. I would wait a little. Of course, you follow your heart... I am simply sharing what I see...

    as for you other question I am not quite sure that I understand it. I drew the Six of Cups again so whatever that is, looks very positive and lovely and encouraging. So the answer is it will be possible

    and it will be beautiful and lovely

    love, astra

  • Astra, this is a guy who disappears, who hides when things don't go well. If something good happens in his work or he is feeling good about something, he communicates his enthusiasm to me. When he is quite it means that he is depressed or has problems or both.

    He just said a couple of weeks ago to try not to worry about him and to take care of myself that he needed me fit we were to dream one day (meaning of being together).

    The other thing I am afraid of is that his former companion might be living with him again and if he does not hear from me, that makes life easier. If that is the case, he did it for practical reasons, but not easy to undone. And I do not know if I want to ask the cards that question.

    You did once for me and the answer was no.

    There are two question:

    1. Wanting to dream one day, is this something towards what he is working?

    2. Is this just a dream and he will leaved as a dream never try to realize it?

    Sorry for my foggy answers.

    Love Pivoine

  • I used two different decks and received a good message I believe.

    Mother (Queen) of Stones (Coins) and the Seven of Wands

    In this deck the Mother of Stones = Perception and the Seven Wands = courage.

    I then tried another deck to confirm and received similar cards:

    The Page of Coins and the Six of Wands.

    So, the answer for question 1 is YES as these are both aspirational court cards. This is him as a perceptive man, and willing to convey and communicate his perceptions (dreams) to others in the hope of attaining his life purpose.

    The answer to number 2 is, he will most certainly attain his goal, as the seven wands represents courage in battle (he is wrestling with himself and this is a part of his journey.) and that ultimate resolves to tremendous accomplishment in the six wands.

    So, some struggles as he refines his perceptions and works through his own issues, eventually landing him in the place he has alway longed for in life. I see his story as something very beautiful, and the ups and downs are to be understood as two halves of the same coin. He is on the right path and it will work out for him.

    Also, it is interesting to note, that the second deck cards are incrementing down a little. Did you notice that? Queen > Page in coins, and the Seven > Six in wands.

    So his life is counting down to his dreams being realized, it is assured.


  • Thank you so much Astra for pointing out the down count, I had not noticed and it gives me so much hope.

    As card of the day I drew The Emperor for myself and The Judgement for him today. Yesterday I had The Empress and he had The Moon.

    I have not sent the email.

    I had a very strange dream last night. I was crying holding my head in my hands with my elbows on a wooden table. There were a lot of tears and at the same time blood was flowing from my nose falling on the table in clots. The surroundings were dark.

    Any insight about this?

    No sunshine today, but you put so much into my heart that I can still share it.

    Love and sunshine


  • Just now as I was pondering your dream I drew the King of Cups and Judgment. So we are tuned in together that is cool.

    This is definitely about him, these cards, this dream. You are feeling what he is feeling. Some real emotional pain, and he is agonizing over something. The blood is like redemption. So in this dream you identify with him on a deep down personal level. In the dream you ARE him and so are crying for him and shedding blood even as Christ did in the Garden of Gethsemane. It is your identification with him, that is your dream. You are him, and i believe he is you.

    Ten of Cups. I see us all learning about this oneness with another that is very profound and deep, mystical and lovely, that is from heaven. That explains the breaking apart of the unions... the external aspect of the union is the chrysalis! That is what is happening... why so many are hurting. It is what your dream is showing, the tears and the blood, which is very Christ.

    So the relationship fracture and break, we become severed from our beloved. They do something that hurts, or circumstances arise that drive us apart. And then we are left crying, wondering why is this happening to me! And the little developing butterfly says the same thing inside that dark womb of a cocoon as the wall begins to break apart... he/she says "What is this happeing to me... this place of darkness I was so used to!" But it has to fail, it has to fall away... and so these close love relationships that feel very close to us also have to break apart - in the visible ways. So that the 'new' may emerge.

    So that is the hope for us now. That these unions are intended to fracture, that is the evidence that they are indeed very spiritual and deep. I believe we are mating with someone in the spirit and that there is something 'new' that will soon emerge from these dark places.

    You and your soul mate (or spirit mate is a better term) are soon to emerge as a new creature, where the two of you are no longer separate in any way, in the most amazing and miraculous way, you are totally one and the same.

    That is what is happening and that gives all of us now a great hope!


    love, astra

  • Thank you Astra. You always find a positive aspect of everything. It sounds beautiful and although I have am not sure I understand understand, I trust that it means something good.

    What should I do now?



  • Pivoine

    Yeah, I am kinda out there with my concepts of relationships. It's fun for me, I like dreaming up nice, happy ways to see our lives with one another while on the surface it looks like all he11 is breaking loose ha ha.

    Um, what to do? I drew the five of wands which is not a card of 'what to do', it seems more a card of what no to do, and that is 'don't worry about what to do' ha ha. Seriously the sense i have is to sit still and be patient, four of cups shows you longing for a love you don't feel you have and yet it is being offered to you from the heavens (in the Waite deck). Then the World card which is the emergence of the 'new' I was referring to. The male-female, two have transformed into one. The fool finally gets his wish and gets to become one with the object of his (or her) affection... it takes a while... it also takes a while for the caterpillar to become a butterfly.

    So rest for you, and rejoice (although I know that is hard to do when you feel down, however you are being cared for by angels). For you are heading into something very, very beautiful, you will soon see, and you will know, and understand just how much the Universe loves you, and has something amazing and wonderful for you - a heavenly love surpassing anything you ever imagined possible.

  • Everything you said is very beautiful. It is just that I am longing so much to 'see' something and it all sounds so intangible.

    Ok, I will try not to worry about what to do and be still and grateful for the caring angels, starting with you Astra! To express gratitude is easier than to 'rejoice'. It is so hard when there isn't the slightest sign and I am not the most optimistic person, but I am trying! I am, even if it seems hard to believe! 🙂

    Thank you so much for your kindness and all the hope you bring to so many here on this forum.

    You have brought me a most precious measure of calmness.

    Have a lovely day!


  • Yes, 'rejoice' is not the right word.

    Giving thanks ...and practicing a kind of "Queen of Swords" calm and stoic resolve is a better option in these kinds of emotional situations.

    You are very welcome, I love to do this. I am convinced that all works out perfectly and sweetly in the end. Like a lovely story, a fairy tale perhaps, where as long as we keep reading the tale, and don't stop ...a lovely twist or two, a chance encounter, a surprise message, events we hadn't planned on ...changes everything for a blissful finish. And suddenly, you are whisked away to heaven where angels play ...and life becomes simply magic.

  • Oh, dear! That will be hard, I am much more like the Queen of Cups, I'm afraid !!! Although I do have the analytical qualities of the Queen of Swords which so far have not served me in this situation because I have a tendency to speculate!

    You see, the reason why I keep wondering about sending him a message is because a few days ago by chance I saw - virtually - a place which brought back a beautiful memory from our past together and I wanted to share it with him. At the beginning, after we met again, he often shared beautiful memories I had lost and the brought me so much joy. But I realize that it is probably not the right time and there will be an opportunity later. What do you think?

    You are wonderful! I love fairy tales with happy endings! Magic that lasts for ever...!


  • Hey Pivoine

    This may sound insane to you... I am off into some pretty strange realms... maybe life has made so little sense for way too long... anyway...

    I looked into your question about sending the email, and drew several cards and retraced myself, and it was a real mixed bag. The general sense I have is that you could send him the email, however don't expect that to make any difference.

    I started drawing cards as letters with this one deck i have... received the following sequence...

    R (white card) J S • Y (z) • • T C (Justice) D S • B O K Q (BBQ) B Q (u) (BBQ) (Sneeze) B A •

    R A L K (TALK) I • H • K H H G M W R R O R L (WORLD) D C M • S • • O M • J K C F O C • N O P A I (Nokia) Y • S G • • W T K G K B D • B W G L • A F J • (White card)

    I think I am channeling him to you, his spirit. This is some of his poetry...














    See what you make of it. I think it is either a message from your boyfriend, an extraterrestrial or Jesus Christ... something about justice in any case... and be glad and afraid... maybe it has something to do with the return of Christ? I am open to that, I am bored.

    or I could be insane. That wouldn't surprise me either, of course I am still typing a few words once in a while that make sense.

    I still didn't get a clear answer on your question though. I would say


  • Astra! This is hilarious. What are you on to? This must be an extraterrestrial, but why not? Great poetry! Jesus Christ would definitely put some salt into our lives, but don't your think he would communicate more clearly? I know he used to speak in parables, but looks like a pretty confused code.

    This is a most strange message: Much to do with justice

  • Sorry, I posted that message inadvertently.

    Do you think this comes from someone in prison, has a cold (sneezes) and is bored? Maybe the message is addressed to his lawyer he wants to be his mind and talk for him. All that talk about justice... he is waiting, he is bored and has a cold. He wants to have a BBQ and invite the press to get world focus. He is a kingdom worrier (a terrorist?) and we should be glad to be still alive, he is not kidding and we should be afraid... How is that?

    Maybe it is an extraterrestrial in prison? I suppose that if it is Jesus, we can probably come up with a different version.

    As for my bf, his poetry is not exactly crystal clear... but this is no improvement..!!!

    I am going to read this though again in case I find any kind of message and let you know.

    Thank you for doing this, I hope it was fun.



  • Ha ha you are funny Pivoine!

    Yes, not sure what I am on...

    Fout of Pentacles and Four of Cups

    I am on Vicks Formula 44!

  • Strong stuff !!!

    Now seriously. I sent the email and although I do not expect it to make a difference, I hope for the best. I must work on keeping the anxiety in check though !

    I wonder how he feels about it and how he feels about the relationship.

    Some times I think he has made the decision to end it and has in his mind, but doesn't have the courage to tell me.

    Any insight on that? If you have a chance.

    Let me know if you need a refill of Vicks Formula 44. Ha ha

    Thank you



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