Relationship involving children...need help please

  • relationship with this man in the picture for four years had two children and after nearly a year split has returned and has said one thing one day n then opposite days later.....i want to know his true intentions and what it is about him and me.....if anyone can just tell me something so im not so confused. i want my family but the relationship was horrible due to his actions n so forth. please someone help thank you

  • He really doesn't seem able to handle the adult responsibilities of a committed family life and relationship. Until he 'grows up', you are either stuck with an on-again, off-again mate, or else you should find someone more reliable and stable.

  • i was hoping that he had changed like he said he has. im more worried about the effect hell have on our children and i am worried that he is going to purposely get me pregnant again as well....i wouldn't mind another child i have two boys and would like a girl but not at this time. thank you captain i feel a past life connection with him but at the same time i know he is not the stability and loyalty i desire.

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