Can anyone share their gift with me?

  • Can any of you gifted people please tell me what you see lots going on right now especially around my love life I know this is an over done topic but it would really help. Have gotten great input but have since hit a brick wall Thank You in advance! My DOB in case it is needed is 05-03-1982..

    Much love and light your way,


  • I'll try to get to one by this eve--

  • Thank you so much!

  • First of all, your life path is a 1, which signifies strength of originality, leadership and individualism, which are positive. These characteristics can become negative when you lose focus and become stubborn or self-absorbed. Ones are very focused and goal oriented. You have the ability to achieve inside of you and are happiest when you are in control. However, you must not put great importance on appearances because "appearances" can be deceiving.


  • Thanks for your insight firefly question how do you figure out someone's life path number? Just curious...

  • In numerology, numbers count--lol. Actually, the birth month, date of birth and birth year add up to a 1as in 5 + 3+1+9+8+2 =28 which adds up 2 + 8 =10 and 1 + 0 = 1

  • There's different aspects or roads to this reading. I'm getting alone, the need for solitude, breaking free. Has he shut down and you also? It's like you all have turned your backs to each other?

    Your personality can actually get you thru the rough times. Are you starting to see a clearer path. Your situation involves making the right decision. You have gotten to this point based on your own decisions. A need for speaking the truth/responsibility. There seems to be a need for submission on someone's part--honor traditions. Need for spirituality? Your reading is saying that you have a lot to learn from all of this. Are you trying to hold a marriage together for the sake of holding on. I'm also getting the wrong crowd or resentment from friends or family. Is your spirituality being tested?

    A different path that you'll create, I see you moving from this situation. Possible schooling or training. Getting ahead by breaking from the group. I feel this is a break-up that started a while back. I do see you moving forward.

    Let me know if you can relate--





    above--King of Cups

    below--High Priestess


    blocks--3 of coins

    friends--5 of swords


    outcome--7 of Swords

  • Firefly- Very interesting never knew that I was a 1! That is really neat I am definitely gonna read into numerology thanks!

  • Daliolite-

    Yes I can relate to your reading on many levels recently I have made many changes that have caused solitude in my life. I broke free from my job of 5 yrs been on a leave for 3 months now which has left me very much in solitude. I ended a relationship about 2 months ago but would still see each other weekly until recently when I finally told him that if we were not working towards something that it was best for us to leave things alone he later text saying he would no longer contact me. I am very sad and distraught i know he cares and just wonder if I pushed him away. As your reading says I know I am here because of my doing and it sits heavy on me. I know it was the right decision for me at this time but it still hurts so much especially because recently he contacted me saying he missed me. I wonder if I really did what was best it has taken so much out of me and has left me very depressed. I can really relate to your reading thanks for taking the time you said I will be moving from this situation do you think it will be without him? Or is he going to reach out again?

    Thanks again for your time!


  • I drew the Lovers in the Future--so I think it's quite possible he'll stay in contact. Your reading is speaking of this as a decision that was time to be made. I drew the Hierophant in your challenges. The Hierophant is tradition (religion or idea) Seems there's something out of tradition or submission as your challenge. Felt strongly that you'll be changing your direction in life on many levels. Drew 6 majoy arcana cards---these cards are life lessons being learned. Actually, being alone is something that you need on many levels to sort thru things that I feel are beyond your control. There is a lack of teamwork in your blocks. 3 of coins deal with teamwork on a material level which I guess is your work. 3 of coins is a good card but is in the blocks position which tells me your surroundings lack teamwork. You'll be responsible for lighting your path. I feel you can do this if you won't let circumstances get you down. You have a dynamic personality and think you are a fair person.

  • Thank you Daliolite I guess what I'm feeling is normal everything in my life is taking a different direction everything came at once it's been hard to understand. I will definitely keep in mind that I am responsible for lighting my path I decided to remove him from my life as well as leave my job I did these things for a reason and you're right it was time to make these changes. I have to be strong and know it will work itself out. Just hard when your heart wont catch up to your brain lol Thanks again I'm gonna do my best to stay positive.

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