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  • For the question "Am I meant to be a writer?" I got the following cards: The Tower, The Star, and Ten of Pentacles. I've tried to make sense of them as a whole in relation to my question, but I can't seem to intuit a unified meaning. I've also asked "What kind of writer?", and the cards that turned up were Ten of Pentacles, The Magician, and Four of Wands.

    When I interpret them, I get anxious, and can be a little too literal when trying to understand their meaning. I am noticing patterns (Ten of Pentacles and The Tower keep popping up with writer-related questions), but can't seem to get further than that. I'd appreciate it if you interpreted the meaning of the above cards, and spared a hint or two about opening my mind. Thank you for your time.

  • Eugrim

    I used my own cards and in answer to your first question drew the Ace of Swords which is a very strong YES to being a writer.

    And the next question as to what kind of writing, I drew one card from the major arcana - the Emperor which sounds like non-fiction, science, technical, law, world affairs, government, social concerns. Writing about something you already are perhaps an authority on? What is your background in? Write about what you know and have put into practice.

    I hope that gives you some ideas.

  • AstraAngel

    Thank you for your reply. The Ace of Swords has, in fact, popped up a number of times in my readings as well, and seeing your interpretation of it in relation to the question asked, it rings true!

    I have also drawn the Emperor twice, although I must admit even with your interpretation I am unsure if it's significant. My writing centers around fairy tales and fantasy, which seems quite the opposite of the left-brained, logical meaning of the Emperor. But knowing this, could there possibly be another meaning to the card? If it is no trouble, I would be very curious to know.

  • I will be honest, as I was considering your cards my first thought was fantasy and magic, stories like that! So I was a little surprised to see that Emperor poke his head out in the midst of all of that fantasy.


    Listen to this Eugrim - I was curious what Waite said of this card... and reading through the description of the Emperor... can you guess what the last three words of the description are?...

    "...this is fantasy."

    Yes! Here is a link so you can see it for yourself. Isn't this a wonderful answer to your question! I am thrilled for you! It never ceases to amaze me how beautifully our angels are ALWAYS guiding us in so many beautiful ways.

  • I am delighted to know that the Emperor has more than one definitive meaning! I see now that not every card is what it seems to be on the surface.

    This is wonderful to hear! It has provided me with a little hope for my work, something I really need at the moment, as I am riddled with much doubt and pessimism. I hope it's not troubling you too much, but I have just asked a question in my reading that I'd love your opinion on. For the question "How can I harness my full potential?" I got Five of Cups, Ten of Wands, and Eight of Wands. Now, I know what they mean individually, but how would I to interpret them with regard to the question?

  • It means you'll get discouraged trying to make your writing "good" as you go... like, constantly stopping and thinking about it too much, editing as you go, that sort of thing. That is Ten of Wands. burdensome creativity. It needs to be FAST expressions (8 of wands).

    The key for SUCCESS for you is write SUPER FAST and don't even try to figure out what you are saying too much.. focus on speed writing and quantity not quality... STREAM OF CONSCIOUSNESS and just let it flow out of you and it will come natural and easy. Focus on cranking out a lot of pages without thinking too much about it... then come back AFTER you've written the whole book and you can edit or hire someone to do that.

    How does that sound?

  • That sounds absolutely, positively, no-doubt-about it true! I am a perfectionist, to a degree that every word, every sentence, can sometimes be measured for its worth. Chapters will be read when written out again again, until I am literally able to recite them in full. It can be impossible for me to see the big picture when I am too bothered with the details. I doubtless have the makings of a good editor in this regard; but I know if I continue this it will be toxic to my creativity and imagination.

    I harbor a lot of doubt and fear when writing and this needs to stop, I realize this now. I can't unleash myself on the page if I keep fussing too much. Sometimes I get too ambitious and, in trying to aim high, my hand gets pained as I draw back the string on the bow and I lose all energy to shoot at all. So that was priceless insight you have just given me into myself and my work and I'm very thankful for your help!

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