AstraAngel please shine a light on this situation for me!!

  • Hi Astra,

    I would really appreciate a reading for me on my current love life and my Bf...thanks a whole lot and look fwd to it.... love the readings uve done for others 🙂

    Elena ...30.09.1969

    Ronald 19.09.1972

    is this relationship going anywhere and /or is there someone else to come?

    How does Ron really feel for me and what is really going on, is there a future ? thanks alot

  • Hi caribchic

    Sure thing, let's take a look!

    Your charts together look pretty nice. I will point out some highlights:

    1. One thing I notice is that your Pluto rests right on his Mars, which means in a nutshell you turn him on. Pluto is a transforming energy to he feels somehow elated and energized around you. The attraction is real. This is all happening near his sun in Scorpio, so that make the heat all the more exciting to the both of you. His chatty Mercury is in the mix too, so he has no trouble telling you how he feels when you are around. Although it could be more in the physical level.

    2. Your Venus in Scorpio is very close to his Mars, so that explains the instant attraction between you two. There is no doubt the physical has been a big part, so you are now wanting to go deeper and wondering about the future with him. This is a natural progression.

    I would really love to move your Venus so that it is directly conj his Mars, that connection would go a long way toward sealing you two to each other spiritually. We could try a talisman there, however that depends on how convinced you are that he is really right for you.

    3. His Venus is over in Leo, and is opposite his Moon in Aquarious. So his ability to give you love is impacted by the emotional and mystic moon in aquarius. Could mean that his love turns on and off, and is like the tides, in one day out the next. That must drive you bonkers.

    4. Your Mars is over in Cap, so the connection of male-female energy is mostly flowing from him into you. In other words, he finds an easy (mostly physical) path it is very short from his male sender (MArs) into your female receiver (Venus) so that means he is able to get what he wants from the relationship a LOT easier than you can. Because the path from your Mars into his Venus (which you need to feel satisfied intimately) is almost at opposite sides of the wheel. Again we could try a talisman to connect that, then after that yoy should start feeling some relief and I woud mix my faith with you for this relationship to become very deep and connected, a true inner union. Which is what we are all seeking.

    5. Your moon is in Pisces so you are VERY emotionally tuned into life and are probing his heart all the time for his feelings about you. He has Saturn there also which is fighting against you, which explains why these times where you try to get him to open up and he resists. He does have Jupter opposite his Saturn so that helps to keep Saturn subdued.

    6. Another nice thing with your Mars though (even though it is across the wheel from his Venus) is that his Jupiter is near in Sag, so this really is good for you, as it enhances your desires for him. Were his Venus near to that, the connection between you two would be more effortless. We can work on that.

    Those are the highlights. I want to tell you that the main thing in relationships is YOU. How do YOU feel about him? Do you feel a deep connection with him? Can you see yourself becoming very intimately bonded with him. Does he feel like your Soul mate? Once we find out where YOU love with him, then its an easy matter to chart a path for success in your love life. It will be fun!

    So, now we'll do a tarot reading and see what this looks like in terms of potential.

    1. Your feelings for him? Ten of Pentacles - this is a very powerful card of fulfillment and love, with everything abundant and wonderful. This tells me that you do have a powerful hope about him and are all about the possibility of an amazing future. Now.. how does he feel?

    2. How does he feel about you? Three of Swords. Hmm. This is a heartbreak, truth card. Did something happen with you two that left him devastated? Something very painful going on in this man's heart toward you for some reason.

    And the knight of Cups - this feels like he really, really wants to come to you, be your knight of love, there is something though in that three swords that is stopping him from moving closer to you emotionally. He has a very hard time opening up for some reason. This could all tie back to that distance between your mars and his venus. A talisman that we are experimenting with could help there a lot.

    SO his feelings for you are strong and pure (Knight of Cups) however there is that three sword wall we must dissolve somehow.

    3. What does the future hold for the relationship?

    Six of Wands - FANTASTIC - that is as good a card as you could ask for.

    So you have something amazing with this man, are you wanting to proceed, we can get you there you have to be ready to go there and use your faith. You can do it though, and I promise your angels will handle everything and the end result will be heaven on earth. Just say the word and this will be blessed and you will experience heaven on earth.

    It is very deep between you two. I get that his emotional reluctance has driven you crazy at times, and so you become desperate. Anything can be resolved though and made sweet. Emotional intimacy and connection in both directions. How does that sound?

    Blessings and love,


  • Wow that is pureley amazing Astra!!!! Lets go for it!!! Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaase!!!!

    Ron has driven me crazy over this year . we've been together for the whole year, but my goodness he is sooooooo hot and cold, I sense he is no longer into it, but the connection is still there when we are around each other !!!

    I dont understand what the heck is going on with him. He is Virgo and I am a Libra and I never had such an experience with a man. He is secretive and I have questioned my feelings about him and yes i do feel a powerful connection between us But he has stopped or slowed down the flow of things and I REALLY DONT KNOW WHY!!!

    Because he came on so strong in the beginning I was overwhelmed, we met at a wedding and hit it off,,,, but then things became so shaky and uncertain I was questioning his love for me, if at all..... so lets go for it and see what happens cause i am about to give up on him. I really want to know if he is in love with me and WHAT IS REALLY BLOCKING HIM ???

    He is divorced and I know he has been deeply hurt by his ex wife who cheated on him and is remarried and now pregnant.... So that could explain the swords that are in his way....

    so please astraAngel,,, thanks for being a big help and lets see what can come out of it!!!



  • Dear AstraAngel,

    could u also have quick peek at another

    Gregory 12. June, 1961

    How he also feels? He is not my bf but a friend .... who insists he remains friends with me

    thanks a whole lot


    and blessings

    carib 🙂

  • Hey Carib

    Okay, here is a talisman for your first bf... print it out however you like and keep it around where ever. Put one one under your pillow. Put one in your drawer with your under wear. Where ever you like.

    Expect to start seeing results immediately. I also drew the six of wands so you are stepping into something really nice in your life.

    Okay and Gregory -

    How he feels about you?

    King of Wands (that's him)

    Ten of Wands - he has designs on you, rather intense

    Four of Swords - he dreams of being with you in a quiet place, like laying down together, sharing I am sure

    The Hermit - He does not like being alone. Hopes you will help him with that.

    Nine of Wands - He is hurting as regards something with you, it is painful for him to control his emotions about you, he remains strong on the surface, within I think he is longing for something with you.

    The Lovers - Yes, no question about it. This guy has something for you intense. A lot of wands he 'dreams' about you a lot, you know... you two go out at all? I'll bet if you showed him a little affection, you would have him ready to propose to you in a week or two.

    I haven't looked at his chart yet, there is certainly something strong from him to you. I'll bet his male mars if very favorably positioned with your female venus. So he is getting energy with you there.

    Hope that helps, let me know where you want to take it next.

    love and light


  • Oh the file size was too big - here it is again

  • aww thanks alotAstra... i was waiting around all morning here, for a response from You.... 🙂 i am in the caribbean and it is so nice to have such a great response from you....

    But hear what Astra... .Gregory is married that is why i have not taken it or cannot take it beyond friendship.... and I know he likes me .. we go out for a drink sometimes but thats all.

    SO who is the better match .... Ron or Gregory?

    and you see the swords in Rons life can be from his past with his ex wife......

    Hugs Carib

    I have printed out my talis man ... thanks a whole bunch :))

  • Could you determine a compare or contrast between the two as to which of these two can be a better choice astraAngel



    Ps the weather is so warm and sunny here I send some sunshine and sand to ya 🙂

  • Caribchic

    You are in the caribbean, my heart goes out to you. You should be up here where I am with freezing fog and so cold it feels like you live in a meat freezer. This is where the really nice weather is.

    Sure thing lets compare these two guys for you. I do have the feeling that ron has some real pain going on from that ex situation you are right.

    I'll do a comparison spread between them and you can decide who you want.

    Ron the left and Gregory on the right

    1. Which guy likes you more at this moment?

    Five of Swords / the High Priestess

    Definitely Gregory - he really has a thing for you. Sword energy around Ron. The past I guess.

    2. What is the outlook for a committed relationship?

    Six of Cups / Nine of Wands

    Well, this seems to show that Ron would end up being a very happy sharing union. Gregory feels like more determination though. Like it works however there is some sense of effort or standing strong. That is actually a good card to examine commitment. Th

    The potential is great for either in this question although I would say the nine wands carries a kind of fierce determination which is strong.

    3. What would the future feelings of these two guys be for you ?

    Daughter of Stones / The Lovers

    In this deck the Daughter of Stones is "Possibilities" and the The Lovers is "relationship. So this feels like GHregory is the choice here. Very nice card to see for him! Ron is good too, the focus seems more material somehow, maybe his love for you is wrapped up more with the setting you are in.

    4. To which man is your heart most deeply drawn to?

    The Tower / Daughter of Wands

    "Demolition vs. Luxury" accorsding to this deck. This seems to make a strong case that deep down you really have more of a thing for Gregory! lets keep going on this question...

    Aeon (Rebirth) / The Hanged Man (Uniqueness)

    Aeon is the Judgment card. I think the hanged man shows your heart reaching out to HIM. At least there is a man in this picture. Aeon is more about starting over, birth, rising from the grave. Those are not really "my heart is drawn to you" meanings. There is something deep down that you really dig about Gregory.

    The Wheel of Fortune and the Eight of Cups

    In this deck the meanings are Chance vs. Failure

    I think you are more willing to take a chance with Ron because he is uninvolved. Gregory has a wife. Could be a bit of a challenge. This eight of cups says you expect trouble so you are resisting your heart going to him, however I think deep down you really feel something for him and he is obviously showing you affection already.

    Death (endings) and Son of Cups (Seeker)

    I think the biggest challenge with Ron is that he does have all of the sword baggage from the past. Ugh. Gregory has a much brighter heart and I bet if you came on to him and encouraged it, he would be divorced and in your arms before you know it. Not that I am telling you to do that. I always think the marriage vows should be honored. He he...

    Let's look at the physical aspects of a relationship between these two.

    The Lovers and the Two of Cups

    Wow. A tie I think, both are very nice for you physically. The lovers says 'relationship' and the Two of Cups says 'Love'

    Are you seeing what I am seeing Caribchic?

    The talisman had two of cups on it... I wonder if heaven is trying to tell you something?

    love, astra

    P.S. Thanks for the sunshine. Do you need any frost and gray clouds?

  • LOl thanks for thegrey clouds and cold weather 🙂 hee hee

    Now im more confused!!! so the 2 of Cups is pointing to Gregory???

    ANd ure right I am with ROn because he is available...... but i do love him,Ron... but I keep always pushing Gregory away cause he is married and I dont want to go there with him..... Oh this is sooo confusing......

    so really is there any real future with either Astra.... one his woman has him tied up like a blue crab as we say ..gregory,,,,, and the other's heart is tied up like a blue crab tooo....

    Gregory is never leaving hismarriage.... ive known him for more than 10yrs....

  • How can it be Gregory??? He is a married man.... at least Ron is divorced like me and we are not in a marriage!!!!

    Astra !!

    Hugs Carib...

    a splash of sunshine for you in your meat freezer :))

    do you see marriage with either??? and i get the idea that Gregory does not want me around anyone.....but he doesnt have that right!!

  • Ronald has sorta slowed this relationship down..... and is the sword baggage is the reason why??? is he afraid to love and be hurt again????



  • AstraAngel did you get to read my posts from yesterday ?

  • Hey caribchic

    How can it be Gregory??? (He is a married man) Nine of Stones - material gain. There is strong manifesting energies associated with him. The marriage aspect is not an issues. Let that go. Do you feel something for him on a deep level that you are hiding from?

    do you see marriage with either??? Yes Gregory (Two of Cups again, this is intense with him - I believe he is your spirit mate)

    Ronald has sorta slowed this relationship down..... and is the sword baggage is the reason why??? Son of Swords = fairness. Yes, he is more overly concerned with judgment and equity in his life right now, you tangle with him you are going to be dealing with judgment issues there. I would avoid that.

    is he afraid to love and be hurt again???? I am sure that is the case. The Magician and Father of Stones. Transmutation + Guardian. He is still healing from the past and is currently under the care of his angel for that process to be completed before he can move forward with something new.

    I trust that gives you something to consider!

    Love and light


  • brightmoonshine I will answer on that other thread

  • Awww AstraAngel,

    thanks alot for your invaluable input......

    then once again,despite the initial positive reading, it doesnt really make sense to hang out with him, and be his gf, now then, even with the help of the talisman???

    I do think I am in love with him........

    the situation is not going to improve anytime soon ???

    caribchic 😞

  • Also:

    Is Ron still in love with his ex, or any other woman around him??

    Do u see me remarrying in the near future, will real love ever find me????

    Should i just give up on this relationship with Ron ?

    Will the situation improve inthe next 6 months or so??

    is there another man on the horizon to come?

    Is Ron in love with me like I am with him despite his pain ???/ :(((((

    I just want to move on with my life like everyone else .....

    Hugs Astra

    and Blessings

    and i will stop pestering you now ..... 🙂

  • caribchic

    Yipes! So many questions you have my head spinning dear... let's calm down okay? What are they putting in the water down there in the Caribbean?

    You must answer one question from me first...

    You are alone on the earth. There is no one else. An angel appears before you and says

    "Caribchic" you can have any man you want. He will be perfect for you in every way. He will love you tenderly and passionately. He will treat you like a Queen. It will be extremely s e nsual and s e x ual. You will be head over heals in love with him. He will be head over heels in love with you. You will repopulate the earth with babies. You will share a deep soul mate connection with him that will send you to heaven every day, and it will get better with each passing day....

    You can only choose one man. Not two, not three, not a hundred.

    Once you choose you can not change your mind. At that point you must trust me and believe that he will appear. I assure you that he will.

    You may do one of two things at this moment. You may choose a man from your past, at which point I will see that this becomes your reality. Or, you may postpone your choice for a year and ponder your options.

    Should you elect to wait on your decision, then I will return in one year's time, to ask the same question again.

    Caribchic, what is your final answer?

  • awwww a whole year to be alone again....... 😞 i''ll think about it

    astraAngel...... Help me

  • Is Ron still in love with his ex? No

    or any other woman around him?? No

    Do u see me remarrying in the near future, will real love ever find me???? Yes

    Should i just give up on this relationship with Ron ? Yes

    Will the situation improve inthe next 6 months or so?? Yes

    is there another man on the horizon to come? Yes

    Is Ron in love with me like I am with him despite his pain ???/ :((((( No

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