For astraangel... please

  • Hi Astraangel,

    I need your insight again, I met this guy online and we met up yesterday. I had a great time with this person but one thing is that we have went a litttle too far on the first date!

    however when we were chatting it was interesting that we actually have encounter each other last year. He remembered me. He was one of my passenger when I was working and he was going to give me his number but decided not to during the time. I think is fascinating how we met again after one year.

    Here is my little concern, so long story short after the date I sent him a massage asking if what happened on the first date is going to be a one night thing because I am looking for a long term.

    Now i have thought about it I think I may have rush into having this conversation with him. Can you do a reading and see if there is another chance to give it a shot at this after all we did meet after a year. I think is amazing how universe work sometimes and I truely believe in it as well.

    his dob is dec 24 1979 and mine is sep 23 1985

    thanks astrangel

  • Hi cellisi

    Okay, well we can take a look.

    What are his feelings about you? Seven of Pentacles - This is a card of waiting before the harvest. Nothing can be forced.

    And the Three of Cups - he is really happy about you and I do see something nice happening here. He is in a 'pause' after this first encounter, taking stock of the relationship as it is so new. The three of cups is a lovely emotional/love card so this looks very promising.

    How did he feel about the message you sent him? Four of Wands - he was thrilled! This is a fantastic card of happiness, success. This is also a card of building foundations for the future. This is such a bright sign for the two of you, I am really floored already with how positive this reading is for you.

    Your message does not seem to have negatively affected him in any way at all. He is pondering all this, while his heart is singing!

    Let's see... what should you do now? The hermit. Stay quiet. Don't send him any more messages. Wait. Let him now come to you. You have nothing to protect or cover up. You spoke what was TRUE for you! You DO want a long term committed relationship, you would love to have children with him. That was the reason you let him know your heart. You did the right thing. Now rest. Wait. Let the Universe speak to his heart and he will respond in the right way at the right time.

    That is all I get for you right now.

    I hope that helps! This looks lovely to me, keep your hopes bright and wait.

    love and peace from the Universe for you Cellisi


  • Hi astraangel,

    Thank you for taking the time to do the reading 🙂 Im very glad to hear.

    Btw he did msg me yesterday I will let the universe speak to his heart!

    once again thanks for doing the reading

  • You're welcome cellisi

    Yeah your on the right track... nice things coming for you... very nice... relax... love...

  • Hi AstraAngel,

    So after you did the reading for me. I was grateful to hear the insight you give me. We have little chat here and there everyday but it will never be a long converstaion. And I am really being patience however I am really wanting to see him again but he hasnt mentio about it at all.

    what should I do? I am in a place where I dont know what am I suppose to do lol 🙂

  • Hi Cellisi -

    Let it stay low key on the chat thing. Let's focus on some help from spirit to move matters along in your favor. That will work a lot better, then your focus is on heaven.

    You are in luck we are under a waxing moon so this is a perfect time to use a love talisman to bring his heart to you.

    The talisman realigns your mars and venus to coincide with his venus and mars (Mars:Venus, Venus:Mars. And also I am adding another moon on him in 15 deg Scorpio. Together with the ritual this man will have Cupid taking direct aim at his heart for you, and he does not stand a chance ha ha.


    1. Print out the talisman below.

    2. Cut it out and this evening (or soon as you can) under a waxing moon hold it out so that the moon's light falls on it (If is it cloudy and you can't see the moon sorta guess where the moon might be in the sky and see those rays reaching thru the clouds striking the talisman) - For added effect, do this while naked however you might want to make sure there are no snoopy neighbors watching ha ha.

    3. While doing this say these words while looking at the moon and let your emotional energy be directed toward him pull his heart to you while you say the words..

    "This man of my desire

    his heart to me in fire

    may this sweet gift

    please heaven sent

    guide him to love's pyre"

    Then hold the talisman face down against your heart

    and close your eyes and say a prayer to our lovely Moon Goddess in this way

    "Dear Moon Goddess, thank you for bringing ______ (his name) to me, I stand before you in grateful adoration for your love and care over my heart, and for bringing ______ (his name) so sweetly into my life. Amen."

    (It is important that you mention his name twice in this ritual.)

    4. Then keep the talisman under your pillow for 28 days, and every night before you go to bed hold against your heart and offer a prayer of thanksgiving.

    Within those 28 days he will be passionate over you and his love will be yours.

    You are loved by heaven and I am sending you love your way and wishing for the most beautiful relationship with this dear man being with you in the sweetest possible way.

    And read the Apostle John whenever possible. He wrote these lovely words "Love one another" -John 13:34

    love and light


  • Thank you Astraangel I will do the Talisman tonight!

    I am the type of person who over think too much at times.

    I will follow your advice.

    Thank you, I am really grateful of your help.

    lots of blessing

  • Hi Astraangel,

    Can you do another reading for me please? So here is what happened. The guy called me today and we had a chat. SO here we go... He told me that during the summer he met a girl that he really like and he see himself planning a future with this girl. He says he has a great time with me but he cant see the same thing that he had with the other girl with me. But I told him that he cant re-create what he had with this girl to another girl. After all everyone is different. Also, he told me some of his family history and his emotional state right now. However, I told him that I had a great time with him as well and I really was hoping it could go somewhere. I think I kind of let it out on my part again. (I kind of did a short version of it but those are pretty much the main points)

    just would like some insight about where this will go? please

    Thank you

  • Hi cellisi

    Okay, I can look at this. It sounds to me like you two are still close (at least to you), and that seems to be where you are feeling puzzled about... "where this will go?"

    The Moon

    Two of Wands



    Two of Swords

    The Tower

    Ten of Pentacles

    Four of Swords

    Coming off an emotional time with him, you are trying to regain your balance. Justice tells you that this doesn't seem fair,("I told him that he cant re-create what he had with this girl to another girl"). The Chariot indicates that the situation is out of your hands at this point and things could still turn back to you with faith and trust. You are advised to be at peace and seek your own center. The Tower leading into the Ten of Pentacles says that no matter how it looks, no matter what you are feeling, and no matter how "over" it feels, that heaven has a wonderful outcome for you (ten of pentacles) and that you should stay at peace and rest for now (two / four swords). I can not tell you that he is or isn't a part of your future that is something only you can decide, I am simply telling you that you should seek your own balance right now and be at peace. I hope that helps cellisi!

    Love and light


  • Hi Astraangel,

    Thank you again for the reading. I am hoping things will turn out what I am hoping for.

    I would really like to wish you happy holidays.

    thank you again.


  • hey Astraangel,

    I am wondering if you can give me one last reading about this relationship and I am going to let faith decide. So after I msged you last time, me and him spend a few days together. We had fun and really enjoyed eachother company. I was very surprise he even bought me a christmas present. I thought there might be a chance that we can work things out. But out of no where yesterday he told me that the girl have contacted him again and would like to try things out again with him. However, I asked him if he met up with her yet but he says no. I am stuck in a position where I want to still have hope but I am feeling hopeless right now.

    would you do a reading on if there still will be some connection between us two?


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