• Sorry it took so long to get back to you.

    The cards show that you must tend to financial matters with care.

    Further expenditures will be necessary.

    There is a problem with a document's validity

    There is a need to look beyond the present circumstances

    Also You have psychic abilities.

    Hope this helps.

    Peace and Love...Andrea

  • Hi Andrea,

    First of all I read your other message that you're trying your hardest to reach out to us to try to give us all a reading. I think I can say this behalf of everyone over here that we would just like to thank you for all your hard work and effort that you take out time and reply back to the ones that you can reply back on. I know you haven't seen my question yet but I would like to say thank you for replying back to people and I know that people do appreciate everything and anything that you have told them. Saying that I loved reading your message about God and about believing in the after life and just keep praying and having faith and not changing cards and all that. I do believe very highly in God and keep doing prayers for everyone and anything. I think its great when people take time out to thank God for everything and anything that God has given us. No matter what happens I will always have faith in my love .. have faith in God and never give up on anything. I dont know about others but i can say that I am just curious about my story and would like some sort of closure or a little kick to me to make me understand what is on my way. Its just that I have been hurt previously .. and I have been single for about 3 years but there is no rush on anything but when my heart has felt something and gives me signs and the way it beats I've never felt this in my life. If you dont mind when you do get the chance, please read the below and tell me what you feel is going to happen and what I can expect .. Like I said no matter what happens and the cards say I will always believe in God .. keep doing my prayers and keep having faith ... I'm just scared of getting hurt, but I dont think I'm going to get hurt, if you tell me things, if he's a good person for me .. things are going to go the way I want it tooo .. I will let my heart feel the way it does and I know (even though I feel this now) that in the end with time and patience .. everything will be fine .. or its best to let go ... Again, Andrea, words cannot express my thanks to you for everything and reading this and taking time out for me .. I am thanking you in advance .. read below .. and any feelings and thoughts i will take ... God Bless you and your great gift ... I truly wish the best for you in your life and with your gift .. here goes:

    I’m writing to you from Canada about someone very special to me. I met him at the beginning of this year and he currently resides in the USA. We’re really good friends but I can feel that there is something strong between us. Every since I saw him and met him for the first time I had a connection where I felt as if I have known him all my life. I love the chemistry that we have. We get along great, have a good understand of one another. He’s been concentrating on his career right now, and he’s gotten into the area that he’s been wanting to go. I’ve always supported him from day one and knew that his career was in his hands and he’s going to be concentrating on that but he would always still make an effort to keep in touch, and want to see me. I feel like there are feelings there but I want to know how do you feel about this relationship? Do you see us being with one another .. I’ll be honest, I love him, I care for him so much more than any one and I want him to be happy with everything in life and want the best for him. I’ve been patient; understanding and giving him the love and support that one would need during the times when he needed someone not that I had to but I wanted to be there and I understand what one has to go through to achieve their dreams. Now my question is do you see things working out for us, do you see a future for us, are things able to work out the way that I want everything to go.. This is the man that I am going to marry, I can feel it, is my heart correct or should I let go of my feelings for him. He’s truly a gift that walked into my life and I just pray that things do work out for us, for me to move and eventually be with my love. What can I expect? Any information is greatly appreciated, and again ... I do thank you in advance for your words

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