AstraAngel...May I Have Another Reading, Pretty Please?;)

  • Hi AstraAngel,

    First I would like to say how much I appreciate all you do on here as far as giving your insight to others!

    Last month you were nice enough to do a pregnancy related reading for me and I wanted to let you know that I just got a positive pregnancy test this evening - yay! However, I am very hesitant to get too excited since I have experienced several losses in the past.

    I was wondering if you can do a reading about this pregnancy....I understand if you don't feel comfortable doing so, especially if something in the cards comes up not so great. Thank you so much=)


  • 😉

  • Hi Faye

    Oh, this is so wonderful, I am really so happy for you! I am sure only a wonderful message for you from heaven!

    Four of Swords - really take it easy, no stress, take plenty of breaks, stay relaxed and at peace. I have this sense that may have been part of the issues before, you may have had some stress in your life while pregnant? So really go slow and nice and be gentle to yourself...

    Pregnancy should be the sweetest, gentlest most beautiful time for a mother to be. I mean, you should feel like heaven has floated down around you and you are walking in soft clouds, marshmallows, every day. Love should fill the air in every direction. Tender colors and soft surroundings.

    Two of Swords - keep to yourself too. Not too much chattering and interaction, limit your exposure to only those people who you you really are close to and love, and try to stay apart once in a while. You ever feel a little stress coming on simple pull apart and take a break, rest, take some slow deep breathes, relax... I really see you just being by yourself at times, tuning into your child and embracing this really wonderful time for you.

    And the Four of Wands - you could not see a more wonderful outcome card. Everything goes perfectly for you and your baby. Very healthy and everything is simple perfect and sweet in every way.

    I am really so happy for you, this is so wonderful, angels are all around you... be really sweet to yourself... this will be such a lovely time for you...

    peace and blessings 🙂


  • Thanks so much Astra, for the beautiful brought tears to my eyes! I promise to relax this pregnancy and enjoy everyday to the fullest! I've waited so long for another baby and I truly hope this is it! I will KUP on how things are going!

    Big hugs to you!


  • Dear AstraAngel,

    I am scared that my baby may be trying to leave me again...I've been having bleeding off and on, and am awaiting to hear the results of some blood work I had done at the Dr's last week. I've been trying my best to take it easy and not stress too much about it...its hard, especially with what I've been thru with previous pregnancies.

    Would you be kind enough to draw some cards for more insight about whats going on?

    Thanks again!


  • Heather

    I will stand with you in faith that your baby will be fine. Do whatever you are supposed to do medically and we'll add or faith to what your excellent doctor is doing.

    I drew the Moon and the Nine of Cups, so the message is don't let your emotions run away with you, stay calm, and every once in a while, you can whisper an affirmation of thanks, "Thank you Heaven that my baby will be fine" and see your little one very happy and at peace within you. As the Nine of Cups is the "wish card" you can wish for beautiful health for you and your child and not let what ever seems to be happening overwhelm you. I will be in prayer with you.

    love and peace,


  • Thanks so much, Astra....I have not lost hope and will try not to worry too much. I hope to hear back from the Dr today and will let you know what he says! Thanks for the good thoughts and prayers!


  • Hi Astra,

    I finally heard from the Dr and so far, all is looking good according to the blood work! YAY! I will go in on Dec 22 for my 1st ultrasound. Thanks again for everything!


  • Praise the Lord that is wonderful I know all will be well for you!

    love and peace


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