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  • Hi - I just completed a meditation and did a Celtic Cross for myself afterward. I did not have any specific question in mind. This seems important since only two cards are minor arcana, but I just can't seem to "lock in" on the message and now I'm wishing I would have used reversals! Would you take a look and let me know what comes through for you? Thanks!

    Me: Justice

    Crossing Me: Ace of Swords

    Crowning Me: King of Swords

    Foundation: 9 of Pents

    Recent Past: Knight of Cups

    Present: The Devil

    Near Future: The Lovers

    Blocks/Inhibitions: The Fool

    Environment/People Around Me: Death

    Advice: 6 of Wands

    Outcome: Page of Swords

  • At first I felt confusion--but may be picking up YOUR confusion! I pick up a disloyalty--either a new friend or a hidden enemy but just a feeling of someone sending poisen arrows---I sense it's under the radar--as if they smile in your face but there is a jeolousy issue--they are ego stuck. I almost feel like they offer you guidance but underneath that trojan horse they wish to conqour you and your confusion boosts their ego.----their weakeness is lack of bravery---big ego--low selfesteem so they are hard to see behind the contradiction. I see that someone else has your back--divine guidance working behind the scenes and this will be revealed and you will leap over them. I see the death cards as something conquered. I sense in the future a bonding with yourself--self reliance--in a Queenly way--keep seeing Queen Elizabeth when she announced she would never marry and became married to herself. This is more attitude than actual celibecy. You are passing through a past period just waning of self conciousness--not in a good way but a pulling back and censuring some first impressions--putting a little more head before vision. thinking too much. But this is changing. The advice is to remain childlike--a born star---not afraid to sound or act silly. SELF CENSURE--that's what spirit says loudly--you are exiting a time of doubt.---the outcome is good. First though you will unmask someone close who's energy has fed your confusion AND also fed on your energy. You will learn something from this and always remember it. BLESSINGS!

  • Hmmmmm, any clue on who this person is? I have no clue! There really isn't anyone close. I have felt like my previous employer has been sabotaging me behind the scenes, but have taken steps to correct that. I had an HR screening interview last week for a job. The next step will be an interview with someone I know from the past - a fellow Goddess friend - but the final decision maker is her boss. I feel like she is a source of support but her boss may be an obstacle (although I don't know who he is at this point - not sure if I know him from the past or if he is someone new). Endings and new beginnings has been a theme for me as of late. I do feel like I am emerging out of my self-imposed isolation and am feeling strong again. Ready to move forward and taking daily action steps. I am jokingly referring to this past year as my mid-life crisis and putting it behind me 🙂

    Queen Elizabeth - yes, that's me! I have always been that way but this past year (which was instigated by the last encounter with the shapeshifter man of my life) had me doubting myself, feeling insecure and moving through that and the loneliness. I moved back to my Queen Elizabeth persona thank goodness. Although I do not "need" a man in my life, I have wondered over the past 4-6 months if it is my destiny to be that Queen Elizabeth type - a life alone and dedicated toward her work. Only time will tell I guess. For now, my focus is indeed my work! If you don't have any clues as to who this person is that needs to be "unmasked" then shall I assume that the truth will come out in the near future?

    Thank you!

  • I'm getting that the unmasking is meant for YOU to do and let it have it's timeliness---as you will see it. In fact avoid too much thinking about it as this is about the tug of war between head and gut. First impressions speak loudest and you may have not heard those as your head was engaged with your desires and expectations. I too was confused about past or present and almost put down past person but spirit said no---like when you get a maybe--- so I really think past may have met up with future on this one. BUT you do have an ali--and there is divine intervention in the works. Just keep yourself open to gut reactions--goosebumps and some detachment. Because in the past jobs for you held elements of deception and issues of compromise---this is another chapter of that only the cards say---the missing element is acheivable---and trust issues and being open to enemies will not take you out anymore. HAIL ELIZABETH! Now, take the cards advice--like a child--go play! It empowers you for battle! BLESSINGS!

  • Okey dokey! So yesterday, I took a radio outside in the front yard with me - blaring Christmas music through the neighborhood (LOL) - and did my fall pruning yardwork. Back breaking work! I filled three 30 lb construction bags of trimmings and then realized my pruning shears were missing. Just knew I threw them in one of the bags along with trimmings, but looking at the bags just couldn't bring myself to go through all of them to look! Decided that although they were a good set of shears, the effort just wasn't worth it 🙂 So then I decided that although I was tired, I would put up my exterior Christmas lights. Tested all the lights first - all of them worked. Spent a couple hours installing and then plugged them in - two sets weren't lit up!!! I had a moment of "Argh!" and then noticed that it was the FIRST and LAST set of lights so it would be easy to replace them with a new set. Also another message of endings and beginnings 🙂

  • It's all good--had to laugh--I'm a real circus out in the yard myself. Forget where I put things because I'm a die hard multitasker--start one thing--get distracted and zig zag all over--a lot gets done but it's crazy to watch. I'll lose the shears so give up--do something else then trip over the shears---can not tell you how many times I fall flat on my behind hoping nobody saw that. Fine line between the Goddess and the Fool! I love my perfection but getting there ain't so pretty and I'm so glad no one sees any of that silly part!

  • Hey Blmoon - I think maybe this was about a few things.

    First, the National Sales position at a hotel/resort here in Vegas. This is something I have done in the past so it is a lateral move. Booking groups, meetings, events, etc. into the resort. Has to do both with hospitality/travel industry and meetings industry. I really think my old friend is an ally and that her boss is one of the egos that I will encounter. Things seem a little blocked at the moment and communication is slow right now, but I think it will pick up later in the month. Also, I feel like this will be an opportunity that will turn into something better down the line. Maybe her boss will be leaving and then the two of us will be running the show 🙂

    Second, another job opportunity came up this week through a family member. This guy works with overseas shipping and procuring basically and works a lot with the casinos here in town. For instance, when Aria was about to open - one of the hotels at the CityCenter - he arranged for the main lobby crystal chandalier to be shipped from overseas on a private jet (to the tune of $250,000 - unbelievable!). He is now working in Dubai and Macau as well - will be in these places the first two months of 2012 - and needs someone here not only to keep the sales going, but to help run things on this end. On the surface, it sounds great, but I am getting that this man will end up being like my last boss (at least in part). I am getting strong "trickster" or maybe just self-serving energy with him, however I did tell him I would follow up with him on Monday so we could get together to talk about it (emailed him my resume and references yesterday).

    If you have time, feel free to give me your thoguhts!

  • Wow! Yes, I'll look into it give me a day or so..

  • OH Watergirl!

    so relieved you picked up the dark feeling on the second offer! The moment I started reading that second offer I got chills!! And felt my stomache knot up. Scary hidden stuff behind this man's smile! I was thinking NO NO NO! And how am I going to convince you--what a relief you got it--but I remember the reading for you recently that you would follow your gut MORE and be guided. Sounds like you ARE in a place to receive. Really, the man in the second offer has dark secrets and abuses his power. Do not be seduced--that's what I hear. Do not be seduced. The first job idea sounded and felt right on--adventurouse--potential and it fit with the last advice given you to not need a map or answers right away but to follow your "gut". I get an image of a dark road ahead with the second offer as if he will open a door you can't close so easy and you will by association find yourself around people you would not be with. I keep seeing two doors--that this next crossroads you are at the door and once you go in the journey begins--one thing leading to another--lots of movement by association--so, follow your gut.! BLESSINGS!

  • Haha! Yes, in looking back at the original cards I drew, I feel that my friend is the Knight of Cups and this guy is the Devil that appeared on the scene! The Lovers in the near future was having that choice to make. Also - the Fool - I believe in this instance it was cautioning me about being too naive and stepping off the cliff. Slippery slope so to speak! I am channeling my energy into positive outcomes with the first opportunity. I think Mercury Retrograde is slowing things down a bit at the moment!

  • Hey Daliolite - no need! I think I got this spread pretty well figured out 🙂 But feel free to pull some cards for me for the December to February timeframe!

  • Hi, Haven't had time to read thru previous posts. Wanted to post this. Not real familiar w/your situation, just know you're wonderful at readings.Over the reading is the nine of cups--have feeling you've got your ducks in a row, so to speak. You've done the emotional and hard work. Wait and see--enjoying life. Past coping is important. Finding your spot in the scheme of things/acheivement/dreams into reality. Choices are important. Feel you've had a lot to choose from perhaps all your life. Also getting discerner of spirits w/the 7 of cups here. Weighing pros and cons--is this what you've been working towards (looks like it is.)

    Your situation has involved a lot of work/self focus/details. 8 of coins paired w/sun change or new beginning in work or career path. Won't be by luck. Events are unfolding by diligence. Worthwhile use of money. Been thinking about investing money in career towards your future. More things have been happening re career recently--follow hunches.

    King of Cups in challenges--Mature in dealing w/negativity. Does someone have more influence than what you want/need. Someone may not be helping situation. Balance emotions, when dealing w/others have open heart when dealing w/your emotions. I'm getting to analyze your emotions before reacting?

    You're being shown as Queen of Cups--I think the King is warning the Queen here LOL!

    In your blocks--fighting for status/position. Don't fight for a position--may work against you. Maybe this is what the King is talking to the Queen about? Defending your position--fighting for what you believe in.

    friends are actually investing in your future and are acting as advocates/family. You can rely on help from friends--advice.

    I'm getting advice in the way of a professional person. Objectivity/someone is particular field. Seek out experts before making a decision.

    Through all of this I see the sun shining. If there is a question at present, looks like it's gonna work out. Could be new beginning.


    Nine of cups--above


    7 of cups--below

    8 of coins--situation

    8 of rods--past

    king of cups--challenges

    moving ahead--queen of cups

    blocks--7 of rods

    friends--10 of coins

    advice--king of swords


    hope this helps! Let me know

  • Thanks Dal! Your reading confirms things. It's funny because the two opportunities - one is with a female and one with a male and I keep getting a King or other male energy as what's crossing me or challenging me and the female energy cards as my advice, near future, and outcome. NO to the man and YES to the woman!!!! 🙂 Yes, I have done a lot of internal work over the last year or two AND this job is also connected to past work I have done - building upon that experience and success. Patience is needed however as things are moving a bit slowly at the moment.

  • wow--clarity does not get ANY clearer!

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