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  • Hi Blmoon,

    Hope you get this - didn't know which section to put it in so I reposted it here.

    I don't dream a lot but last night I had 2 separate dreams.


    I dreamt of the gentleman I was dating a few months ago. It was a really short dream. I just remember that we were together, and I was a bit shy and hesitant around him. But he continued to cuddle and be close to me till I warmed up to him. I felt loved and contented.

    My own interpretation is that this is wish fulfilment. I haven't spent any time with him in a month and a half. He used to send texts almost every day but now it's infrequent and distant. He has been busy in this period but it's not very hard to text someone I think. I just miss him a lot and lately I've been pondering if it is worth to keep my heart open to hm. Just wondering if he is still here with me...or if he's moved on.


    I dreamt I came home to my old apartment. Haven't lived here in nearly 20 years. But intruders were in my house. One of my family members was there (think my sis) but I couldn't see clearly. I remember fighting off a few attackers fatally. Somehow there were knives lying around. I know I got cut a little in the process but there was no pain and little blood (if any).

    When I had dispatched everyone, I found that the gates to the apartment had been chained up. And this is a high-rise apartment so it meant that I was trapped. The mastermind was nowhere to be found. I went to my bedroom and all my things were neatly arranged. My bags were on my double decker bed (which is still in my present home). I managed to get my phone and call for help. Told them where we were (oddly enough I gave them my present address) and asked them to hurry.

    Somehow I also realised that the mastermind had turned on the gas (even though I couldn't smell it) and that he meant the house to go up in flames. Without me saying so, the emergency services people on the line also realised this and contacted the local security alarm company. The consultant turned out to be one of my regional colleagues whom I've only ever met online. She managed to enable the gas and fire alarm which had been disabled in my house and somehow she was also able to fix the gas leak remotely.

    So I knew I was ok. Then I went into the master bedroom. And I heard the mastermind singing in the bathroom. Since I determined he was there, I snuck back to my room and armed myself knowing that I was ready to defend myself if he should come for me. Or that the police would get here in time.

    Blmoon, really hope you can tell me what you think both about the dreams and also with my guy - what do you feel is going on and what I can do. This started out really promising and I felt his sincerity and I don't know why or how it's become this way.

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