• Hi was wondering if you could help as i have seen you help many others hope I do not take too much of your time.

    I am torn between two partners can you tell me if I should commit to either one or just end it and move on from both? I have dated Mark a Virgo for a year now well I would not call it dating since we don't see each other much but we do have a romantic connection. It's easy, non pressured and just a whole lot of fun. Then there is James a cancer I met 2 months ago. I like him we have a connection and things are moving fast which is very unlike me. I know the relationship with James would never grow if I am holding on to Mark. So I am wondering if you see anything between the two men?

    Hope to hear from you soon..


  • Blmoon, I forgot to add my astrology sign is Taurus.. In case this helps thanks for your time!

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