Shabby.. Pls help me one more time..

  • Has been seeing a man for 4 month now. Cancer, July 18, 1977.

    He upsets me a lot lately but I do not know why if he does it purposely or consciously.

    Do you see any future of us together?

    Me: April 1st, 1982

    Thanks again!

  • Vic013

    You are dating a pretty sensitive man as people born in July have what you as an Aries would consider needy personalities. They are loyal and helpful people whom feelings get hurt and they withdraw. Keep looking is my personal advice. Don't let this man upset you as he will be lost as to why you are so upset, he is just being himself and his vibes are like an oil and water situation here for you. You could try to enjoy a friendship, but I feel that would be a stretch too. Don't give up as there is someone waiting out there for you that will spark your interest and it feels like they don't live that far away from you and you could meet them at a neighborhood function.


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