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    I was involved with a Cancer man who was 11 years younger than me, we have been on and off for 2 years. We broke up about 1 month ago. He just confuses me so much,. I moved in with him, did everything for him and I got nothing. After 6 weeks in moving in with him he decides its not going to work and that he doesnt love me and never will. What a blow that was. He was a once a week gambler which when he used to lose i was there to pick up the bills, rent etc etc etc. After I moved out he contacted me to go and collect my furniture which I did. Only 2 days ago get a text from his ex wife to ask if I could spare some money. (What a hide!!). I forwarded the text to him and he wasnt impessed, he told me to ignore her.

    I kow this man does love me. He was badly hurt in the past and the 1st year I was dating him his ex girlfriend rang him to say that she was pregnant and she had lost it. We broke uop again, it seems to be every easter we break up. He did try to go back to her as he loved her so much and treated him like dirt. I treated him like a king and I get kicked out, I dont understand. I went to a pyhsic last week and she told he wont be pack and that the only way he will contact me if he needs money,

    Im at my wits end with this man. I text him last nite to say hi and no response, i email him no response, im over it.

  • I am glad that you are done with that relationship. Has nothing to do with him being a Cancer. I had a Taurus and a Sagi in my younger life, that was living from one female to the other. Those are lily hoppers. Think of a frog in a pond that jumps from one lily to the other cause he doesn't want to have to swim in the unknown of the pond! he doesn't love anyone, not even himself. If what he does is called "love", you'd be better off with an enemy, they'd probably have more respect for you! he "loved" the ex girlfriend that treated him like dirt because that's what he felt he deserved. That's not love, that's obcession and self abuse.

    Next time you find a guy that needs a momma ( I'm not talking about age difference, there are 65 year old men that don't know how to be men and my guys were same age or 2 years younger and looking for a momma) and have you do it all for him, tell yourself you need a man, not a bad behaving, lazy, selfish child. Don't get your hopes up that this one will change. Gambling is like a drug to the person, it causes a "high" in their brains. I live in Vegas and they have gamblers hotline. Many people are addicted to gambling, how do you think Vegas stays alive? We the residents, we don't pay state taxes. The Casinos pay the state taxing. 2 years ago, MGM paid 300 million in taxes, last year it was less but, where do you think they got the money?

    Chalk this up as a lesson learned, cause that's what life is about making mistakes and learning from them. So that you can start making the right choices and knowing that they are the right choices, for you.

  • Seriously.... stay away! No good signs here, and I'm usually the first to give people a second chance!

  • thank you for your comments........ I decided to get a bit nasty as he showed up at my daughters house bad mouthing me saying that I got him into gambling. So I retaliated and gave him heaps of abuse which he didnt reply. Yes I still love him but I know im better off without him.

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    Thanks for that, i feel you have some physic knowledge... hope you can put a spell on him so he will be unhappy like he has mde me so unhappy. He owes me over 8,000 in debts i paid for his mistake in gambling. At the end of the day he blames me. What a joke. I hope he is miserable.

    Thanks again,

  • Hi Blue89

    Thanks for the insight as I said i gave him such a hard time abusing him. He hates me. I said things to him in a tex message that it was so much I cried myself to sleep. Im at my wits end.

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