Evil and backstabbing colleague - Captain please help

  • Dear Captain,

    My current work situation is 'dangerous' as I have this horrible back-stabbing supervisor. We work in the same team.

    Last Friday we had a confrontation. What happened was she sent an email to our Director poisoning me and calling me names and asking our Director to transfer me elsewhere when she is truly the laziest person at work. I have another colleague to vouch for it but sadly, our Director's eyes are blinded to this supervisor's fault.

    For some reason our Director trusts her (not knowing that this lady has also backstabbed her many times). So after sending that poisonous email, she pretended to be nice to me and all. I couldn't handle her hypocrisy, so I told her to stop playing games. We had a major confrontation and she denied ever backstabbing me. More lies again.

    Things have gotten so bad that we are not speaking. It's hard to work conducively like that.

    In short, I'm really scared of this Scorpio snake who has proven to be malicious and two-faced. She has bad-mouthed plenty of people at work (they don't know of coz, only my other colleague and I know) and is trying to get rid of me.

    Please can you tell me the outcome?

    P.S. This horrible woman is cheating on her nice husband too.

    My DOB: 30/5/82

    Her DOB: 20/11/77

    Many thanks in advance.

  • Your relationship with this woman is astrologically bound to include high passion and deeply negative emotions, especially jealousy, which can be all-consuming. Your supervisor is a selfish person who doesn't trust anyone, and is very focused on achieving her goals of money and power - for some reason, she feels you stand in her way of obtaining them. This clashes with your own need for control so friction is inevitable.

    She wants to be the centre of attention so I'm not surprised that she is trying to work her way up the career ladder by any means possible. It's not so much that she's lazy - she can be a dynamo when she wants to be - it's just that she has a deep fear of making a mistake and of being thought of as obsolete or useless. She is so obsessed with running the show at work that her personal relationships suffer.

    The best thing you can do here - if you can do it - is to ignore her, and do your work as well as possible so that no one can complain about you. If she has nothing against you, she cannot hurt you. Doing anything negative against her would only reflect back on you. She will hate the fact that you seem to be happy and at peace, despite all her plotting. Don't let her chase you away from the job - sooner or later, she will go too far and the Director will have to step in to stop her.

  • Dear Captain,

    Thank you for your reply. The update of the situation is that she is literally forcing me out of my job as of today. My director gave me alternatives as to whether I wish to stay here or be transferred. I said I will stay, but this evil woman threatens to leave if I don't, and my director does not wish to let an assistant manager go. Director told me blatantly that if the matter blows up, I will be at the losing end as they will keep the senior person (she's been with the company a bit longer than I have).

    Now I can't even ignore her and carry on with my work, as she wants my director to get rid of me asap. I am really worried!!!! I like the job and the people here and now I am being forced by this evil woman to leave. She told the director that she can't work with me anymore, so someone has to go (namely me).

    She deleted the evidence that she has badmouthed me from her computer.

    I need evidence before I can do anything else to retain my position here.

    Will I lose my job Captain? Please help me. This is so unfair!!!

  • Have you asked the director what proof she has of your need for sacking, other than the word of this supervisor? Without proof, you have a very good case for unfair dismissal and you should tell your Director so. The company will have to be very careful how they handle this. You cannot be sacked over nothing. You do not need evidence against this woman - SHE needs evidence of your bad work or else it's just her word agaisnt yours - and in business and at a tribunal for unfair dismissal, that counts for nothing. Ask your colleagues if they will back you up if they have seen this supervisor unfairly attacking you. Stay strong anf firm!

  • Hi Captain, the director told me that it would be wonderful if the woman and I could bury the hatchet, that way no one has to leave. She said that if the supervisor refuses to forget about the matter, and let the matter escalate to HR, I would be the one of the losing end as 'companies always keep the senior people' - in her exact words. That's so unfair! She wrote nasty things about me in an email to the director, now denies it, and demands me to apologize to her in a formal letter for using the words 'stop playing games with me' to her, and to top it off, says that I should have disciplinary action taken against me!! The director is siding her coz this evil woman was headhunted by her.

    She has forged the director's signature on some important documents, taken more than her annual allocated leave and Medical leave (34 days in total for both types of leave!) and more. But the director is still trying to shield her despite all the evidences provided. Two of my colleagues have spoken up against her now.

    I'm so afraid this would end badly for me. I can't believe that such a bad person (who has sabotaged me a number of times) might win this case!

  • Are you sure that there is nothing in your work performance that can get you fired? If so, they cannot remove you - they can just try to drive you out as they seem to be trying to do. If you like your job, sit tight and don't let them frighten or bully you into resigning. Call their bluff and say you don't mind if they contact HR. You are in the right and I bet they know that. You cannot be fired without good cause.

    You must have definite proof of your allegations of forging documents etc - and not just gossip or hearsay.

  • Hi Captain, would like to thank you for your help and advice.

    Just also to update you: I have stood firmly and held my ground but I have lost. HR and my Director wants to transfer me to another campus but I have rejected this offer (I like the campus I'm at).

    The HR and Director is quite corrupted as, depsite evidence shown, they are closing their eyes to the supervisor's misdeeds. They do not want to remove her as she is more senior than I am.

    Therefore, I will be losing my job as this evil supervisor is adamant on removing me from her sight AND I do not want to take up the other offer (inconvenient location).

    She is gloating right now probably as she has succeeded in creating a big drama which resulted in me resigning. My last day of service is tomorrow.

    i hate that woman. She has destroyed my ricebowl. Do you see her getting her comeuppance anytime soon?

    Thank you for your help.

  • There must be someone higher than these people to whom you can complain officially. Are you in a union? You cannot be sacked SIMPLY for refusing a transfer. Inform them you will be seeking legal advice to mount an unfair dismissal case. Threaten to go public or to the newspapers etc. You HAVE to keep fighting for your rights. Please don't give up. Try everything you can to win. Don't let two people hurt you - go over their heads to appeal. The advantage now is that you have nothing to lose by fighting them.

  • Oh wait - did you say you resigned? That was a bad move.

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