Wierd dream..what do you think

  • I dreamed there was a different breed of cats called Blue Cats. They moved different than regular cats, a little shorter, wider and face was bigger-longer and wider. I was leaving a mall, shopping area and there were two outside. I noticed on one that some hair was missing. I picked it up and there was a cross on the length of it's back. It was a big wound actually. It was a fairly new wound and was in the healing process--quite awful. It made me wake up. Any ideas.

  • Cats are feminine creatures so they represent either you or some female friend(s). A cross on the back could be some "cross" that you or your friend has been bearing - but even though it was bad, at least it is in the process of healing. It means this too shall pass.

  • Oh yes - and missing hair can mean exposed vulnerability.

  • Yes, that's what I'm getting. I looked it up yesterday. Out of the ordinary dream for me. When I go to the mall, I'd rather look at the pet shop than shop for anything else. Thanks.

  • Just taking a stab at it:

    Are you leaving a relationship? Or involved in one that is not satisfying? I am thinking of the two cats, a pair, but they are abnormal? If you are leaving or currently in a relationship is their some imbalance? Something out of the norm from tradition? Thinking of the cross here as well...like there is some guilt, or a thought that you should be feeling guilt according to society? Something secret? The hair could be vulnerability but I also see lose of her as a lose of self, an important part of the self that is being sacrificed, think scalping. A self-less sacrifice made for the sake of the other cat, that is now ending, being turned around?

    The mall could signify the crowd, going against the crowd and decisions therein, the idea that this person or couple are involved in a way that others see as disapproving in some ways. Abuse, addition, arguments, sexual identity, etc.?

    If it isn't a love relationship, do you know someone going through identity issues or serious life- changing things?

    Is there any history of abuse in your own life, or someone you've been talking to that is being healed? This could also apply.

    Please let me know if any of the above applies.

    PS- I noticed you do reading, would you mind taking a look at my post? I am Ophelia74, it is below this one I think.


    Any insight or answer to the questions would be much appreciated.

  • Hi Ophelia, Yes, you right regarding several points. There aren't any idenitiy issues, though. Sometimes you see the impoverished outside the mall and I think it relates to that also. My feeling when waking is someone or some people abusing the cats. Yes, you're right. I'll do a reading for you. Have it up in couple of days. Thanks.

  • Since I purposely do not read answers before I respond, I CAN tell you there is a breed of cat called a "Russian Blue." They have emerald green eyes and a wider face, more triangular than other breeds.

    Seeing a cat "hairless" is a fear of being exposed or shorn.

  • Yes, found that out recently. Grey is my favorite color w/animals.

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