AstraAngel, can you help me?!?!

  • AstraAngel, wow I have been reading some of your posts.. You are wonderful, I like what you do! Do you think you could do a reading for me? My boyfriend of three years and I broke up in August, about 3 months ago, and I'm really missing him. Could you tell me if he wants to get back with me or If I should be trying to move on? My dob is 9-21-88 and his is 1-18-89. I'd really appreciate it! Thanks!!!

  • Hi Virgogirl921

    Certainly, let's see what it looks like for you.

    1. Does VirgoGirl's boyfriend want to get back with her?

    Chariot. Yes.

    Queen of Swords. This is who you are to him. He is thinking about you. What happened that you two split up?

    Do you want to see the relationship healed?

    I can look at your charts and see what we can do to help you out there.

    So let me know whether or not you want to see this cleared up and I will work on that for you.

    2. or... should you be moving on?

    the Moon. This is not a 'moving on' card. This is a card that says your emotions are still very strong with him and it will be very difficult for you to move on while that Moon energy is over you.

    So again, would you like to see the relationship healed?

    As long as that will not cause any physical harm to another, we can fix that for you I believe.

    Thank you Heaven and angels and the Lord for helping VirgoGirl921 and her BF... we now expect to see miracles...

    "Love one another." - John 13:34

    love and light,


  • I would LOVE to see our relationship healed. I'm really not sure what brought upon the break up, it was pretty out of the blue. I had a lot of stress going on with my family and I think he felt like I was pushing him away. We were going through somewhat of a hard time basically because I was going through a hard time at home and when I tried to reach out and tell him I was unhappy with my life (not him just everything in general, I was going through a lot) he said we needed to focus on ourselves right now and then three months later I'm here missing him and wondering what I'm supposed to do and why he hasn't come back. I don't know what to do I want to fix it I miss him so much. Thank you for helping me I hope there's something I can do to heal our relationship. THank u so very much.

  • astraAngel, I apologize I know that you are very busy but i just had a couple questions regarding this ..... What is he waiting for? After almost 3 months I tried to break the silence for the first time and call him a couple weeks ago. He didnt answer and called back 4 days later. Why did he do that? We spoke for a half hour and had a wonderful conversation. I told him it was nice to hear his voice & that I missed him and he said he missed me too. I told him I wanted to see him and he said we could do that and wanted to know when, so I said ASAP whenever he is free, thinking that maybe sometime that week, but didnt want to pressure it. He said he could do that and would let me know and I even said if he didnt want to he could tell me and he said that he wouldnt have said we could do that if he didnt want to, but I havent heard from him about it since. Why did he say we'd get together and then never call me since then? I have tried to reach out to him since then through text message, one time on thanksgiving wishing him and his mother a happy thanksgiving from me and my family and he wrote back and said happy thanksgiving, so i asked if he was free and if i could call him, hoping i could talk to him and see if he wanted to do something this weekend, but got no response back. So I tried one more time to get a response from him which was last night. I was at my High school reunion and a kid he grew up with moved to my town and graduated with me, and he came up to me and was talking about my ex to me saying that he knew him etc, so I texted my ex and said that I had a message for him from this kid that he said hi. Well, I got no response on that either. Why wont he respond to me ? He does one time and then doesnt again. I just dont understand. What does he want me to do? I just dont want to play games anymore. I want to lay it all out there and tell him I dont want to play these games because I love him so much, but he wont give me the oppurtunity it seems, and I dont want to push him away by any means, so I never know what to do. Is he wanting me to keep trying? Is he wanting me to back off? Is he going to let me know? Is he going to give me any response at all? Why did he never call again to hang out? Is he still planning on it? Is there someone else? I just am so confused and so afraid to do the wrong thing and ruin things. again, im sorry because i see how busy you are, but I feel so lost and would really love to get some direction from you after seeing how much help you have been to others. I really greatly appreciate what you are doing. I hope you can get back to me right away with answers to these questions taking over my brain! I hope it will put me at ease. Thank you again.

  • Hey Virgogirl

    Thanks for your really heartfelt and detailed response. Your heart is really longing for this guy! That is wonderful, you are really tuned in to love and want nothing more than to see this work with him. You hang in there, I see a light at the end of the tunnel with him.

    I did a reading and came up with a very interesting sequence that I believe explains exactly what is going on with you two. Once you see that - and then with your permission we generate a love talisman - I trust you are going to see some profound change in your love life.

    Here are the cards I drew - Eight of Cups - Shyness and abandoned success. This card sets the tone for the whole reading. Love is here, yes! However look what is happening. He is walking away, for some reason.

    Then, the Six of Swords, so this travel and movement away is carried over now into the swords, and you'll see the swords continue to show up. He is thinking through this relationship on many levels, pondering, analyzing (sometimes over -analyzing) and so this mental focus can overshadow the more delicate and feminine cups world where you live quite naturally.

    Next, the King of Swords - and here he is! The King of the Mind! I did get that the earlier issues with your family did have an impact on him, and he pulled back. I have the sense that once he did that, he has a hard time going back to the sweetness and intimacy of what you had before.

    Kings don't move around much. They become enthroned and tend to just camp out there and not go anywhere. It can take a bulldozer to try and move him away from this position - or a little magic. We'll try the latter!

    Next, the Emperor. As if the King weren't enough, here is the Emperor even further establishing his rule. This man is very intense in his decisions and choices in life. He is not easily moved away once he makes a choice, and this is true in a relationship too. Emperors want to protect their realm, and keep control. That is what I am getting with him, a strong "I am in control" so thaty I don't risk getting hurt, and after all, I am doing this for her sake too! Her life is a little shaky. This will protect both of us! " So you can see how all of that sword action is coming in... when really what he wants to do is run into your arms and love you, and let you love him. Guys do this stuff, it is not uncommon. Using the control and authority energy to hide behind and mask their deep emotional needs.

    Then and interesting pair shows up.

    The Five of Wands covering the Queen of Cups (you) and the Five of Swords covering the Nine of coins (you again). So this is a very clear picture as to WHY this is all happening. It is for your own good. Why? Because he is applying pressure to you in the cups realm with the five wands which is kind of a nervous change energy, and that has you blocked emotionally.

    Then the five of swords is another nervous mental change energy that has you blocked in the pentacles material realm.

    Now, you aren't really blocked as in you can't do anything, You are blocked in the sense a trainer works with his student, like in a sport, where your boxing coach applies resistance to cause you to develop even more. I'll bet he is your soul mate (angel) and he is working with you to deepen and maximize your emotional ad material self, which are the two key areas. We need to love and we need to succeed in our material lives. Wands and swords support those two key powers.

    So, heaven is working through him to keep you in a place where feel confused and puzzled as to his behavior. This is all as it should be! Because while you are puzzled and seeking for answers, guess what is happening. Your emotional nature and your material nature is developeing and maturing so that when the pressure is finally released - bang! - you will be off and running with him (I believe) and life will be fantastic. I know it is hard, you want to see him, hear him, commune with him. You are in a kind of dry stretch for a reason. You are growing deep within.

    Don't worry though, this will pass and then it will be better than every with him. We will also be looking at a talisman to bring you together as well, right now, the only forces you are contending with are mostly the five wands and five swords.

    Next I drew the High Priestess in the clear, so that is YOU once this purgative process has completed. This is the YOU that your angels are bringing forth, a lovely lady who is ready on a heavenly scale to love him and understand love, so that all harmonized between you. You do now want to become joined with someone before you are clear of a lot of these issues in emotions and material, otherwise you will spend the whole relationship expecting your partner to perform or meet your needs and no one can meet your needs, only heaven the universal positiive energies can do that.

    I wanted to at least get this overview explanation to you tonight, I know you have been waiting and you are anxious about this. No worries, try to relax. Everything is going to work out really very sweetly for you and him. Until further notice I am willing to join with you in seeing a deep union come about with him so that you are mated and it is perfect for the both of you! Ready? It will be fun getting there!

    I went ahead and created a talisman, to affect a positive male - female alignment with you two. Your Venus is now in Aries, where as before your Venus was in Leo. So your female receiver is now going to be a little hotter, a little more fiery like Aries and not quite as gentle and easy going as Leo. As a result your female needs are going to be a little more intense, which appears to be part of the proper union between you and your guy.

    There is a bit of a square with his Sun however look! He has been battling that square all his life so far, this tension between his male sender in Aries and his Sun in Cap. Now... your female is there directly joined with him, so that creates a sort of balanced "invisibility" to The Sun now! SO it is like, when is joined with you, that tension/square instantly goes away. He is really going to like this!

    And your Mars now moves up into Cap, from Aries, So your Aries fiery Mars is now in a new sign of earthy stability and purpose, so your s e x u a l drive there will be much more like his Sun sign, very earthy and warm, organic is what I am getting. Nice and slow too. Easy going and not giving up for a long time. The neighbors may conclude that you sleeping now with the lights on. Well, you aren't sleeping ha ha.

    Anyway, let me know if you want to use this and I will print it out and when I look at it I will see you changed and powerful energies now binding you two together. I am sure it will not be long and this guy will be beating your door down.

    You probably have other questions - ask away, I love to answer them, time permitting.

    You rest well, hug yourself and tell yourself that all will work out, you are being held in heaven's arms, your angel are looking ourt for you... all is going to be super-sweet and very nice for you...

    This is a wonderful season for love too, with the holidays and Christ's birthday coming up - how nice for you! And this moon right now is waxing and so it can only go really sweet for you!

    I can try to go back and answer more specific questions, about your guy... however really the bottom line is keep the faith, love and pray for him and use this talisman and then wait for the fireworks.

    Love and light,


  • There is a typo in this sentence...

    "You do now want to become joined with someone before you are clear of a lot of these issues in emotions and material,"

    it should read "you do NOT want to become..." You don't want to be mated with someone before your emotional and material life have matured....

  • AstraAngel, you are amazing. Everything you said was everything my gut has been feeling. I had such a feeling it was due to my family and that he thinks he's doing the right thing for me..for us. It just hurts so deeply and I've been so strong for so long anticipating his return & when he didn't come back in time for thanksgiving I got really scared that maybe he wouldn't at all. There is nothing more true than what you said about me needing to be emotionally matured first. He used to say to me that I needed to get in control of my emotions right around the Time we broke up and sadly he was so right and I knew it, I just have so much stress from home and I wish I could just run away from here and not have to deal with it but instead he runs away from me so he doesn't have to deal with it. I almost can't blame him, but he makes me feel so alive that with out him I feel like I'm all alone. He's my best friend. We talked about how we are soulmates before and I believe he an angel from God with all the joy he has brought into my life. Actually, when we broke up I told him I was sorry for ever letting him in on the issues that go on in my family because I never wanted him to know and was never my intention to tell him because it's not something I normally do and he told me that it was okay to talk to him & that he's always there to listen, just that he can't handle when I punish him because of it. And how could I ever blame him when he is so right? In my mind I thank him for what he has done because I know how much I've grown in these past 3 months & I can feel the difference in myself. I pray and have been practicing my faith and reaching out to my angels for help and I feel it working. I have all the faith in the world, and I'm just so afraid of where to go from here. I refuse to lose him because of my stupid family. They're crazy and I no longer want any part of dealing with their issues. I used to absorb myself in everything that's going on and now I don't even care I say I don't want to know, don't want to hear it, and don't want to be involved. It's ust too much and I don't want the stress in my life anymore. I used to tell him I was afraid to move away (because that's what he wants to do, go somewhere warmer eventually) because I didn't want to abandon my family. It's like I'm the rock that holds it all together here, and now I can't even tell you how many times I have said over these past three months that I would love to get away from here and them and be somewhere warm. They have planes for a reason, so if I wanted to see my family I could. I finally realize it'd be best for me to not be near all of this drama and that its beyond my control.theres nothing I can do about it nd I cannot fix their issues. It took me three months without him to finally figure that out I feel he'd be so proud if he knew. I promise to keep the love, faith, and pray. I will print out the talisman and put it under my pillow. I guess the only real questions I have are should I stop trying to reach out to him? Will he let me know when he feels he's ready? Should I be writing him a letter telling him these things? I just don't want to make it worse but I also cannot lose him. He's my soulmate, best friend, and love of my life and I can't bare the thought of losing him. I can handle this holiday season without him, but I really don't want to be with out him. I want to enjoy this beautiful season of love and joy with him. I don't want to do Christmas with out him around. I hope the talisman helps. I know tarot isn't so good with timing, but is there any hope of him coming around before Christmas comes? I just want to hug him... I told him that when he called. I want to love him for who he is and be loved for me too. Thank you for letting me spill my hearts out to you. This has been so hard missing him so deeply. I really can't imagine Christmas and new years with out him since I've been with him on both occassions for the past three years. You are a wonderful person and I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you do. Thank u so very much.

  • One more quick thing that I just thought of....... If he said we could get together and he said he wants to and would let me know, does that mean he really will when he feels the time is right? I guess what I'm trying to say is I know he didn't just say it because I said if he didn't want to it was okay and that he could tell me and he said if he didn't want to he wouldn't have said we could. He said he sad he'd let me know because he wants to, so if that's the case, does that mean he does want to see me it's just a matter of when? I hope so. I'll keep praying for sometime soon. Thank you AstraAngel. Thank you thank you thank you.. Can't thank you enough. Sending so much love your way!

  • VirgoGirl921

    Wow, well don't worry, everything will work out, you have a lovely heart and life will be very sweet for you. While I was reading all of this (I got a little confused with your last response however I think I get the gist of it), I kept thinking "what does she really feel about him?" It is apparent to me that you are very much in love with him. Is that how you feel? As long as that is in place then nothing else matters. Follow your heart, hope for the best and believe for amazing and exciting things to happen with him... while at the same time learning to trust and be calm and stay centered in your faith life. You can not go wrong.

    As for the getting away from the family situation, we can look at that.

    1. is it advisable for you to seek to relocate away from the family? (I have to be honest, that 'somewhere warm' sounded nice, I would like that myself)

    Page of Cups. Message, in love and emotions.

    Eight of Wands which is a card of movement. I am getting a message, some communications you will receive that will then be followed by a move. I asked when and got the Moon, and I am not the greatest at timing. Something could be occurring in a month. Stay expectant. Stay centered and calm in your present situation though until something else opens up.

    King of Wands, sounds like your guy... he could be connected with that movement, not sure.

    I asked is he connected with that movement? And drew the Ace of Wands which sounds like a strong YES. Something developing with him, that's for sure.

    Read Psalms. Give thanks often for the amazing life you have and will have and that is what will happen.

    I hope that helps!

    Blessings to you VirgoGirl921!


  • That's exactly how I feel.... Sorry for the confusion in the last message. I was just trying to say when he called he told me he did want to see me, so i have to put my trust and faith in that... I am very much in love with him and will do as you have said! Sounds like he will let me know when the time is right and until then I just have to listen to my intuition and open my heart to love and let destiny take its course. I will let him be and focus on bettering myself and my situation so when the time comes I will be more ready than ever to love. I will keep the faith and look forward to a bright and happy future. Thank you for everything. I have printed out the talisman and will sleep with it under my pillow from here on. You're an angel yourself, I can just feel it! God bless. Many hugs 🙂

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