Help please

  • Im currrently out of work & need to find something soon, Im getting pretty desperate? Also ive split up with my fella (Virgo) again! Why is he disrespecting me? were not kids why is so hard for him to communicate with me?? Am i ever going to be in a respectful & loving relationship?

    Im feeling really crappy at the moment & pray things will turn around.



  • MsSunshine, you say you keep breaking up with your boyfriend. When you make up, do you let him keep on with his usual disrespectful behaviour or have you taken him to task and told him that what he does makes you feel bad and if he does it again, you will leave him for good? He must understand that it is hurtful behaviour and that you won't keep giving him chance after chance, or else he will think he can put one over you every time.

    Also I feel you will be in a job very soon - something in an office, I believe. Make sure you are open to every job opportunity that comes along.

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