Will my ex-boyfriend and I ever be a couple again? I feel so lost without him.

  • Its been over a year since i last seen or spoke to my ex-boyfriend. We had a minor disagreement and he left and cut all contact with me.

    I've known and dated him since i was a very young girl, he was and still is my best friend. He was the one that helped me through the most difficult times in my life. Abt 11 years ago we split up due to my jealousy issues. However, a couple years ago he returned to my life out of the blue. We began to spend time together again and discovered we still had very deep feelings for one another. He told me that he was scared to try a relationship with me again because he couldnt handle my jealousy years ago and feared i was still the same. I assured him i grew up and was no longer like that. We got very close, talked abt everything under the sun, and one night he told me he had a problem with alcohol. Soon after that the disagreements started and he disappeared.

    He means everything to me, i feel like half a person without him. Ive never been able to get over him, as he's the man ive always dreamed of spending my life with. I love him more than he could ever imagine and i truly feel he feels the same way about me as well. Will we ever make amends and get back together someday? Is there a future for us? His DOB is 1-28-70... My DOB is 9-8-76

    Thank you in advance 😃

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