Is this my true love?

  • Need advice on the following: 22+ years ago I met the love of my life, we were about to get engaged when suddenly due to our careers/jobs we made a decision not to compromise at that time, the relationship cool down, we kept in touch but we went our separate ways. I've got married, after 16 years I've got a divorce & on the midst of all this turmoil my former boyfriend reappeared in my life, via e-mail letting me know that he never got married, he was not happy with a long distance relationship that he was having 2 years ago, he kept my e-mail address & that he will like to meet with me, we met after almost 20 years of not seeing each other and what amazes me is that previously to getting this e-mail, I followed a feng shui ritual where you place a ring in your index finger and it tells you that your true love will appear in your life and that really happened....after our long waited reunion 2 years ago, we kept in touch but we didn't see each other until this past weekend when both have some time off (please note that we live in different countries), at this point of our lives and after a divorce I'm enjoying my freedom & he is talking about getting serious but eventually and even though he hasn't seen his previous relationship because she is too far away, he's still in touch with her. Therefore at this point my question is, "Is this my true love?" I am a Leo 7/27 and he is an Aquarius 2/7...sorry no birth hour... I do know that astrologically speaking we are opposites, but he is the one that keeps coming back and he was the one that since day 1, 22+ year ago made this relationship happened, because I was not particularly interested in him to start with.

  • ..I am a leo too. I have the tendency to be over-optimistic. In 2006 I also thought I found the man of my dreams and we ended up badly. I was quite sure he was the one, and he was also the one who pushed things forward initially. Well, it did not happen! Moreover, the guy who I was letting go at the time proved to be the True one and only in the end.

    I think you need a reading on this. I can ask the cards for you or you can do a reading online and read/ write me the cards you get.

    Logically speaking since the 2 of you live in 2 different countries this may technically not work, unless either one of you decides to move closer. But lets see what the cards have to say?


  • I will appreciate very much getting a reading on this relationship issue. Thank you.

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