Watergirl...a question and a reading please??

  • Hi watergirl, I brought this topic up a time ago but just got a compatibility response and I've never had a reading before. If you could I would like to have a reading about my relationship/love status and future. My question has to do with this and deals with someone I met a while back. I know I am young and should really take it upon myself to deal with it, but it has bothered me for some time now. I met this girl in high school and have never stopped thinking about her. We rarely see eachother as we go to different colleges and I stopped contacting her but from time to time unexpectadley run into one another. I seem to always catch or recieve little hints that remind me about her. We never established a true relationship, but always felt like something was there that I was just too stubborn or scared to move in on. Everytime I see her it is like right where we left off and I believe there could still be something there as I have never met any girl like her or that makes me feel the same. We share many similarities and likes that I don't think she even knows. My DOB is 12/18/1990 and hers is 10/25/1989. I was wondering if you could give me a reading and let me know if there is something you see worth to this as she is single and like I said have been thinking a lot about her. i will be moving back to my old college campus where she stays, and wanted to know if it is a good idea to try or if it is just a waste of time and emotions. I would just really like to hear the truth from you. thanks Gino

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  • Hello Gino,

    What is coming through for you is that you need to become more courageous! Hopes, wishes and dreams are a vital part of our existence, but without action they remain just that - hopes, wishes and dreams that occupy our thoughts and do not manifest into reality. This girl needs you to be brave and make a move 🙂 We all face these times when we want to know the end result before we take a step forward because we do not want to suffer rejection or make a mistake. But this is a necessary part of your growth - learning to take that leap without knowing - so I am not being shown the end result. Just that this will be a momentous and important event for you. Calm your nerves. Believe in yourself. Step off the cliff! If you do not then you will never know and that will be a torture in itself. She may be overjoyed that you FINALLY made a move. And it she does not respond in kind, then accept that it was not meant to be, shake it off, and move on to what and who is next!



  • thanks watergirl. i feel the same way and i am almost certain (well at least hope) that she will feel that way when I finally do make that long overdue move. hopefully the outlook looks good from here out and again, thank you for the advice and answers.

    God bless and have a merry christmas!

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