Help with a Celtic cross reading

  • Hi all I'm new to this I was wondering if someone could help me interpret the cards in a Celtic cross reading I did when asking how my ex is feeling about me? (I used the palladini deck )

    1 Central issue- strength

    2 Crossing card- The world

    3 Foundation- 8 of cups

    4 Passing influence- 7 of pentacles

    5 goal- hierophant

    6 Approaching influence- 2 of cups

    7 Your attitude- 10 of pentacles

    8 Enviroment- 5 of cups

    9 hopes/fears- queen of pentacles

    10 outcome- Ace of swords

    I used his significator card (the king of pentacles). I am a beginner and thought it meant that I was disappointed because he left (5 of cups), but it seemed to me as though he's ready to cut through the silence (ace of swords) and wants to work things out because the queen of pentacles is my significator and with 2 of cups in the near future that's what came to me. Can someone maybe give me a better interpretation since I'm a beginner and not sure that I'm Reading this correctly!?!? Thanks!!

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