Hi! Does anyone have a moment for me?

  • Hi everyone,

    So, I'm writing about a relationship too. I'm someone who has sometimes been able to read how people feel for me without them being around...psychic intuition? I don't know what it's called, but I usually have a good gauge. There's a guy who I'm in periodic contact with who I think is interested in me, but also has myriad problems at home and possibly with his health. We spent a lot of time the first time we hung out, the second time was also good...then after me not initiating contact he got back to me something like ten days later with three rapid fire emails...none of which said much aside from a few links of things he thought I'd like. We then had some in depth discussion, then nothing again for a while. Part of me thinks he likes me, but can't have me in his life right now, but for the last couple of days I've gotten these strong feelings of closeness when I've tried to abandon close feelings for him (Which I know mean nothing if he isn't contacting me...but). I don't know if those are just my feelings surfacing or I'm feeling them from a connection (I sound nuts...but...no I sound nuts)...Either way, with all of this said, I guess I want to see maybe what his current emotions for me are and if I'm right or wrong...and maybe future intentions if there is any. Or if he's waiting for me to contact him? Or if he wants me to leave him alone. I know the thing with his health...I've told him that I'm here if he wants to talk about it...he said he's tell me if anything "interesting" occurred. But nothing...and I'm worried about him too. Not hearing. I don't want him to think that I don't care by leaving him alone about it. Can anyone help me out?

  • Why wouldn't you contact him and ask him how is he doing healthwise ? Just a friendly call, nothing too intense - no one could blame you for that. You'll know that you've done your bit, and he'll have to contact you back if he is interested. If he doesn't - that would mean that he wants to be left alone.

  • I did ask him the other week. And he initially blew off the question, which I called him out on in a followup email...that's when he said the whole I'll let you know thing...That's why I'm not asking. Thank you though. Still would love a reading from someone on his feelings....

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