Daliolite: help with work reading

  • Hi Daliolite,

    Hope you are doing well.

    If you have some time, I really need some insight and advice into the current work situation and in particular - how I can move forward.

    Flashpoint yesterday. Felt wronged and upset. Can only imagine even more gossiping now.

    I want to get out of here, even though a lot of the people are lovely. Just wondering if you see any opportunities ahead in the short term.


  • Hi Danceur, I'm doing good--thanks! I need to ask you something as I'm unclear. I'm picking-up something is it family. Are you around family or living w/family it would help me clarify your reading. I've done a reading for you but need clarity on this family vibe I'm getting. Thanks.

  • Hi Daliolite,

    Good to hear you're doing well 🙂

    Yes I'm living with my family of origin. Hope nothing's wrong?

    I wanted this to work so much but the job has become something I'm enduring. I've tried to communicate more as you advised. Some of it helped, but a lot of it is falling on deaf ears. It's apparent to me I'm not the right fit for the job and for the expectations of the role and of my boss - who is in denial about our workload. I want work-life balance and it's really at odds with this place.

  • Thanks for the info. Thought you were by yourself previously. Was wondering why I always got certain cards.

    The reading is mainly about this balancing act you're struggling with. Like I mentioned in past, I think change is imminent or either on your mind alot. I think it's important not to blame yourself or think that your struggle is somehow caused by you. I don't really see it as your fault. Your reading is saying to set goals. Learn what you want. Almost seems like you're in the development of ideas regarding work. There's a need to make smart decisions.. I get young friends or longing for more youthful times. It's really like you want to start a business. Maybe your thinking about developing your ideas and asking for a loan (maybe you should). Aspects of this reading are confusing me as your challenges. I guess your challenge is that in your heart you're really a free agent. In past, shows you conquering battles but more to come possibly. You have the King of Rods and Cups in your reading. I'm getting be more in charge of feelings and creativity--make your own smart decisions. Your reading is really putting BALANCE front and center. I see entrepenuership. I don't know if it's feasible but I think this is where your heart is.

  • ps--Getting parental figures in this reading, family values etc.

  • is someone close getting married or celebration imminent

  • Hi Daliolite,

    I'm linking your interpretation of entrepreneurship to me being in a period where I'm tinkering with ideas regarding dance choreography. I'm trying to develop myself this way. Does that make sense? I'm flitting back and forth between my job and a creative plane in my head. Dance is something i wish I could do professionally, but it's not feasible. It was suggested to me that perhaps I could aim to be an instructor. That may not be possible either. But since Dance is really important to me and connected to who I really am, I'm nurturing it in quiet ways. So it's sort of a 'soul hobby'.

    Spot on, when you said in my heart I'm a free agent. I feel i'm struggling for both internal and external freedom,and for the balance you spoke of. In my context, it is both work-life balance and between the practicalities of life and pursuing artistic endeavours.

    And I'm deeply frustrated because both forms of balance are at odds with this place. And I think this frustration extends to my love life (or lack of rather) as well. I want a connection so much, but I also want to maintain my freedom. And I just end up in an extreme opposite scenario, with B who is available only in spurts and so emotionally absent most of the time, that I guess I understand now why he comes across as a 'non-event in your earlier readings. Barely there....

    In order to maintain sanity, I've made my work life balance a priority. Maybe not the smartest thing, but I just drop everything and go - since work is never-ending. I do not stay late like my colleagues. But by implementing work-life balance this way, I can feel I've raised the ire of others. I believe there is resentment towards me because of it. But I don't see any other way around it. I feel suffocated and the only way I'm surviving is to force balance into the situation. Like I said I'm at odds with everything the work environment is about. And I don't want to allow my frustration to turn into depression.

    It's kinda funny when I think about it...many years ago, I was a workaholic in one particular job. Felt commited to the place, stayed late, checked email on weekends. And I used to get a lot of grief from my then partner. And now I'm the exact opposite. When I first started out here, I felt invested in trying to improve things. Now i feel indifferent.

    On the celebration, yes I attended a colleague's birthday party few nights ago. Lots of young people.

    You said you're confused about some aspects of the challenges I may be facing - such as?

    Hey if you don't mind me asking - what's your star sign? You come across to me as an Air sign... Aquarius?

  • Yes, I'm Aquariius. I drew the Fool next to the present in your challenges position. The Fool really isn't about being foolish. The Fool is about moving ahead, carefree, risk taking. Venturing out on a journey. That's why I said that your challenge is that you're a free agent. It's helpful to look up the cards. Sometimes when you work extra hard on some jobs they come to expect it and more is never enough. I'm glad that you're balancing. It's almost like you have to give yourself permission to balance and believe that this is not your fault. That seems to be the main theme of the reading although it's calling for smart decisions also. As you pursue your interests maybe you'll come up with something that you can venture out on...

  • Oopsy lucky guess on the Aquarius 🙂 Reason I asked is cos you come across in a way that seems similar to one of my friends, who is Aquarius. Some of my closer friends, in various periods of my life, have been Aquariuses.

    Yup I'm aware of the 'more is never enough' phenomenon. I stopped subscribing to that bible long ago. And esp when I saw that in this job that the problem, among other things, is a lack of manpower and a lack of support where it really counts. It's like recognizing that if you're overloaded, the solution is not to continually work late and come back on weekends, or reply emails from home - in order to keep up with the load. Cos that's just applying the band aid fix.

    There is a restless spirit within me. I do want to venture out but on what? That is still a mystery to me. Wondering what could be a possible fit. And feeling that I need to find it soon. Cos I'm being driven to frustration...

  • In this balancing act maybe if you lean towards those things that interest you and not concentrate on the obvious that'll help. I think you're a victim of the economy and this company is the slaveholder lol. I'll close for now, I'll be here.

  • Chuckles 🙂 Thanks Daliolite and take care 🙂

  • Hi Daliolite 🙂

    Things are changing again at work. My temp team lead is not staying on and we will be stranded again either at the start or end of January.

    If you remember, I mentioned that I asked to change my job scope and my boss was receptive. However, due to this current change of events, I don't know if that will still be the case. And I get the feeling she will try to coax or arm-twist me into staying in my role. So I'm worried I could feel forced to leave. I'm starting to apply for other jobs, but the market is slow.

    I talked to my team lead and she shared some things about my boss. I'm getting a real sense that she (boss) is not someone I can work with. I do not agree with her decisions, her work ethic (when it comes to her staff), and I do not feel listened to. I have tried to make the best of this job and I guess I'm doing ok, all considered, but this really isn't me. You mentioned a lot about me striking out on my own, but I don't really have skills for that. Is there something that I'm missing here - a lead that I haven't seen?

    I wish to be 'delivered' from this situation, into a better job that I'm suited for and a better environment. Do you see that happening, or am I just going to stuck here?

    Thanks mate 🙂

  • Hi Danceur, Personally, know how you feel. Are you the low-guy on the totem pole. Others have more senority. I can try a reading..will try to have up later today or so..

  • Hi Daliiolite,

    Well yeah I'm pretty new. But I don't think seniority is the issue though. I wanted to change my job scope because i feel the present one doesn't suit me. I'm too introverted and idealistic I suppose.

    Boss had a chat with me. I was right - whatever she told me earlier - that we will find me a suitable role within the team - well that is not going to happen. To cut a long story short, either I will end up in whatever role is vacated (if a colleague agrees to take my role) or she might have to let me go.

    It's not that I was ungrateful that I had a job - but I had to speak out and say what I felt because I want to move towards something I'm meant to do.

    Sorry Daliolite - between the prospect of ending up unemployed before finding a new and more suitable job, and nursing a broken heart, I'm just feeling kinda depressed.

  • Sorry it's taken awhile--will get to it!

  • Hi Danceur,

    Your reading is saying to call on your inner strength. Watch your urges and reactions. Look at situation from a place of love. Look at yourself as strong, confident, perservering.

    Situation at present is going back and forth--not serious, busywork. This also refers to a love relationship. There's a good possibility for a love interest to happen in your future. This present guy could step on the accelerator some in future. This current guy is also a block for you. I see he's still around. You will take the new love proposition more serious than in the past. Could be new relationship in future.

    Don't quit dreaming. Something may sprout as far as work that's unexpected. There is going to be a break-up in friends/allies in future. A breakup/split is imminent. Stay strong thru this break-up because there will be light at the end of the tunnel.

    Reading is saying that you're missing out based on alienation & fear. Money situation looks to improve. Money is a challenge at present?

    Something unexpected will happen in future along w/a breakup. Finances looking better, believe in yourself and dreams is what I'm getting. In advice position saying there is going to be some departure. I'm not one to say quit your job--ok. Paired w/the world, your missing out based on this rogue attitude I believe. Maybe others perceive you as rogue.

    Hope this helps--




    below--4 of rods

    situation--5 of rods

    past--queen of cups

    challenges--ace of coins

    future--page of cups

    blocks--knight of rods

    friends/allies--3 of swords

    advice--7 of swords


  • ps--Merry Christmas to you and family, Danceur!

  • Merry Christmas Daliolite! Hope you had a good one.

    Thanks for the reading. You are right - there will be a split in the team as I'm taking a different role and my present team leader is taking a job in another country. So the departure could be hers (although I really want to leave too). Am very bummed out about her leaving because she was the glue that held the team together. I think it will be a very stressul transition to a new scope - my heart sank when it was suggested that either I take this role or I would be terminated. I pray there is another opportunity somewhere else... although there is nothing definitive based on the cards.

    Think you could be right about the 'rogue' element. Not in a sinister way, but I do have lone wolf syndrome 🙂 Esp when i'm in an environment that I'm ill-suited for or when I feel others are not sincere. And yes money is an issue, it has been for some time.

    Well this lone wolf is starting to put it out to the Universe that I'm ready to find a mate. As soon as I started thinking that, I got this weird feeling that I would indeed meet someone in 2012. Present guy is in my environment by default - we are not together... have barely been in contact for 2 months. Guess he's in the cards cos he's on my mind. Am in love with him...

    I want a full-time companion - and when we're together, I sense that it is what he wants as well. But I think that he may not be ready and 'freelance' is the only thing that he can manage. He's just suggested that we meet up soon. Getting a sense that it may soon be time to be honest to him about how I feel - not to pressure him - but to let him know where i am.

    Just very anxious about how things are changing all around me...

  • Danceur, Your cards were interesting as more is going to be happening. I look for him to either step-up the pace w/you or a new person to enter or BOTH. Things look to improve and don't know if you'll be ready or not (here it comes!). Hold steadfast and go with what's best.

  • Hi Daliolite,

    Happy New Year! Hope you have a great one ahead.

    Very nervous as to the job situation. Is there any specific advice as to the way forward? Any thing or any people I need to take note of. As I understand this new role will be more of a one person role (as opposed to the current one), so it may suit me better. However, there is very little time for the handover and training (just mere weeks). By late Jan, I'm expected to be self-sufficient and match the standard set by my predecessor who's been doing the job a year and a half...

    Deep down, I think I can do it. Just feel immense pressure at the short timeline and huge expectations.

    With regards to possible new relationship... what am I looking out for here? Don't think it's present guy, cos apart from well wishes at Christmas and New Year, most of my communications towards him end up one-sided and ignored. When you say he is a block, is that because my attachment to him is preventing me from seeing other possibilities / moving forward? I am working on trying to detach, but it is tremendously difficult once you realise you love somone.

    It's funny that this is the situation (on possibilities in love) you have picked up with your reading. Because I feel it too. Maybe sometimes, once you shift your thinking, possibilities shift too. The minute (ok maybe not the minute) I decided I was ready for a serious Love relationship again, I felt that I would be with someone this year. Must confess I have never been 'lucky' enough to receive the affections of more than 1 person at a time. Pray not to be put to the test like that.

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