Guidance Captain ant anyone else.

  • Hi Captain,

    Tellstar, says you shouldn't over analyse your thoughts.

    I thinking its trusting your gut feelings,, and just accepting your first thought feel?

    This happened a few minutes ago, i know we talked about this, i have felt some connection with him and i been try to work on that, through talk to tell star, s i have just been sensitive to it, been jotting down what it was between us.

    I had this vivd future imagination come trough.

    I see him being in a old chair wrapped in a old blanket, him his self does not look much older just the gruff ( unshaven) looks so lost cold and lonely, the feel he lost everything he once had. Makes me feel so sad for him, i want to cry for him.

    Is that a littoral physic happening, it feel like i see bit of his future, it is not a wishful thing , i dont want that for him.

  • Yes he could certainly end up that way, the way he is going.

  • I used to over analyse my thoughts about a lot of things a long time age, but you shouldn't in general, putting the physic aside your thoughts?

    I am doing a physic powers book to., just need a little bit of guidance how you know it a physic thought.. and feel?

    So would you say that was a deferentially feel yesterday?

    Thanks Scully

  • I usually get a feeling of certainty in my gut that accompanies my insights.

    I think your thoughts about this guy however are more a 'guesstimate' of what he is heading for.

  • I did wonder a bit of what it maybe,,

    I think my vivid vision was a bit of my physic feel,, as been talking to someone close to him and i was writing at the time it came to me. I will let Karma deal from now on.


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