Scorpion Male & Scorpion Female

  • I'm noticing a common thread in the forums here - and they all have to do with Scorpios. I cannot believe the power of this zodiac sign!

    Anyway, I am a scorpion female (Oct 27, 83) dating a scorpion male (Nov 3, 83). Now while I understand what kind of man I am dealing with, I don't know HOW to deal with his anger and his drama. We have been together on and off for over 3 years now. He has no problem telling me where I stand in his life (i.e. he loves me), BUT the typical scorpio rage, anger, drama and jealously really hinders our advancement.

    Like a lot of the other females on this forum, he has been burned in the past by an ex-wife who manipulated, cheated, and did a number on him. He can't forget what she did, and sometimes I can see him go back to that time when she was cheating (i.e. I sometimes fall asleep with my phone and he always said something controlling or manipulative about it, until I figured out that she used to text her lover while they were in bed together).

    I love him to death when he's not a raging man. He's everything I need, but the emotional part in dealing with his anger is taking a bit of a toll on me. I have a backbone, I still have my self-esteem but I need tips on how not to give into his games and drama.

    I heard the best thing you can do is be compassionate and not be angry back, but I would love to hear thoughts and opinions from everyone.

  • Hello scorpionwoman27 - He needs reassurance. This does not mean that he feels that you don't truly care about him or that he's insecure. In order to rest the anger and drama...he needs to be reassured.


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