Aquarius Man is it love?

  • Hi, This is my first post to the forums..met a wonderful man online on a dating website and we have been talking nonstop it seems ever since. Here are some parameteres: He is an Aquarian with a Leo rising, and a moon on the cusp of Aq/Picses. I am a Gemini,Gemini rising, moon in Scorpio. WE felt we both have a rare cosmic connection, and it was like love at first sight....only we haven't met in person quite yet as he lives a little distance away . We can discuss almost any topic easily ...except he gets very shy when I get overtly flirty or try to go to bedroom topics, such as what would 'it' be like between us. I feel he is otherwise the most open and honest person and spiritual man I have ever met. We are in our forties, and have kids (which is why we are being slow about when we meet). My question I suppose is this:

    is this THE ONE I have waited for? I have never been with an Aquarius. I know they are unusual in many ways. But we are both so bowled over by each other I can't stop gushing!!! Any insight or advice would be welcomed!

  • Go for it! Aquarians are not always as demonstrative as us Geminis ... so I would not dwell too much on bedroom topics ...just wait and see as in private you may be pleasantly surprised!!!! Enjoy the gushing etc....take time to meet him in person,safely, and let your relationship develop. Whether he is the ONE...who him first and find out!! Lots of luck!

  • You're right about bedroom topics. I have been cautiously flirtatious and he has been extremely gentlemanly (not asking for cleavage shots, etc) In fact, that was a deciding factor in my giving him my phone number; and he said that he was brought up to be respectful to women. Also...he is an ordained(but not practicing) minister. So obviously, the racy stuff won't happen casually.

    I just feel like there was this real feeling of destiny to our finding each other.I would normally dismiss people saying that as having their head in the clouds, with a 'yeah, right' response. Have I been too jaded?

  • Enjoy that could be your destiny...enjoy each and every moment and watch your relationship develop hopefully to something more deep and meaningful. Have fun,respect him,be yourself....Best wishes.

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