Question For The Captain...Love.

  • Hello 🙂

    I just wanted to see what you feel about a Virgo gal with Leo Rising and a sagittarius male. We have this crazy chemistry and have fun banter back and forth and get a long super well and he will show me he's interested when he sees me but it hasn't really progressed. I feel like he's sort of stringing me a long sometimes. It's such a hard situation to explain. bday is Aug.30 1978 and his is dec.1 1981. We both have 5's that rule our charts and both have this need for freedom. I feel like we share a lot of commonalities which draws me to him even more!!!!! BAH! Please let me know what you think 🙂


  • This relationship works best as a friendship. It can be a very hard-headed and success-orinted matchup, characterized by persistence and accomplished role-playing. In business together, you two would work to win, presenting a cool, relaxed and objective face to the world which would infuriate your competitors into making a mistake. Conflict will inevitably emerge between the two of you as well, the question being whether the purpose it is put to is constructive or destructive. Being sqaure to each other astrologically, there will definitely be friction produced here, yet you are both mutable signs as well, so that the relationship can go through a lot of changes, seeing friends turn into enemies and vice versa, for example.

    As a romance this relationship is likely to strike sparks - sexual tension will run high here, but it is not the glue that will hold you together. You two will often be openly critical of each other, with you seeing him as unsettled and unrealistic, and him seeing you as picky and difficult. Differences like these may make marriage here ill-advised, but if the two of you become spouses, you will at least never be able to complain that your marriage is dull.

    Friendship and rivalry are often intertwined here. At its best, your relationship can be challenging, flamboyant, and exciting. At its worst, it can be adversarial, argumentative, and frustrating. It really depends on how much you can accept and try to understand each other's differences. This relationship is by no means perfect - in fact, it can produce extreme tension, so much so that it is usually discouraged for intimate love pairings.

  • Thank you for your response 🙂 Really appreciate it...kind of discouraging but what can you do? haha

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