What does this Scorpio man gain by these stupid games?

  • Its been more than a year since we broke up. I loved him but it seems I was just convenient for him. I loved him and he knew it but didnt feel the same way then one day all of a sudden told me that he had developed a longing to be with me

    What a lie that turned out to be

    I broke up with him because of his emotionally distant attitude. I never initiated anything betwee us not even a kiss. He told me when we that he has issues with closeness and said that he couldnt hug anyone except his sister with whom he is quite close. So I kept myself to myself and everything between us even a kiss was at his initiation. I remember once asking for a hug and he refused saying he would give me one when he was leaving. ( I never got one)

    I broke up with him. When I said goodbye I meant it and he said that one day I would be his friend again (thats how it all started - with friendship)

    He said he respected my desire for space but he contacted me on the most significant religious day for us both. He told me he was leaving town for good and asked if we could meet as friends. I told him we could meet only if we could chat honestly about all that went down between us.

    He agreed to a date and time but at the last minute asked if he could be by later and I told him to rather defer. He kept smsing, emailing and bbming after that to set it up

    When we did meet he said that he wanted to be friends. Strange considering that he insisted on showing me some pics of his washboard abs and asked me if I was seeing anyone. I asked him if he was still attracted to me to which he repiled 'You are a very attractive woman"

    He didnt say why he wanted to be friends but before he left he took my BBM pin and invited me on BBM

    And here is where as they say "the fun starts"

    I love dogs and his second comms to me contained a photo of a dog lying flattened and bleeding on the road. I didnt see it at the time having rejected it but the next morning he put it up as his bbm pic,

    I love photpgraphy and i put up as my bbm pic a photo I had taken of an empty swing

    His response to that was "Why did the little girl fall off the swing?' Because she had no arms

    Long story short he has sent me pictures a woman in bandages with a blood stain in the shape of a heart where her heart should be, an orange being drained of its colour by a syringe amongst other things

    I took my old dog for surgery today and he kindly sends me a picture of a dog. I told him the dog was cute. His response was "this dog mauled a baby and had to be put down"

    I deleted him as my bbm contact and sent him an sms saying that he re-connected with me so he could mock me. I said that I hoped he enjoyed it and wished him a wonderful life. I see that he has got the sms but there has been no response to me

    My question is this? If he didnt want me why has he for the third time in the 5 years I have known him come back into my life of his own accord? Why is he being so mean and nasty now? I never made his life miserable, I simply walked out every single time

    Scorpio guys if you are out there please let me have your thoughts. Why would this man seek me out and what does he hope to gain by playing these mind games?

    If it helps I am aquarius with scorpio rising, venus in aquarius and mars in libra

    He is Scorpio with Mars in Scorpio and venus in sagitarius. I dont know his rising sign

  • Why are YOU even letting him in your life let alone your head! RUN RUN RUN! Read your own post--pretend you had a lovely daughter and she wrote it and then give her advice. You probably would want to visit the guy with a shotgun and tell him he better not come near her----and you'd be thinking restraining order. When someone SHOWS you who they are--BELIEVE THEM! Stop letting your empathetic heart only see his soul and in that let his personality reality slide. He is fishing for a girl who will except all his disfunctional fears as is. So he tests the waters--ok she let this one go--etc. BOUNDRIES! Thats what screams out. Change your e-,mail or deleat unread. You have no magic wand that is going to fix this lower evolved Scorpio. What does he gain? Whatever YOU let him! You are loved! Be good to yourself and protect your big heart with boundries--pray to Saint Michael for his strength--protection--and mighty sword. BLESSINGS!

  • Blmoon you have me in tears. Your advice and concern touch me to the core.

    I am quite alone actually. I have lovely friends but they all have lives. My parents have passed on and my immediate family live in another country. Thank you too for those beautiful cards. I deserve better than this and yes if it was my daughter going through this I would give her this advice exactly. I guess I must learn not to love a man who is so undeserving. Stay Blessed sweet Blmoon

  • You are never alone!

    YOU ARE LOVED!--we just forget sometimes! And that probably WAS your Mother talking--or should I say roaring fiercly! BLESSINGS!

  • This post is deleted!

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