Loves Fool?

  • Someone has recently come into my life and my heart sways from thinking its a Karmic meeting to well something superficial. I have always been swayed by words and this person has a golden tongue. Does anyone see what future there is for this person and I? I know there is one I am just not sure what form it will take. I am Cancer they are Pisces

  • We need something more to be able to tune into this other person's vibes. Do you have both birthdates or a photo of you together?

  • Sorry for the late reply dob 07/13/1979 03/12/1976

  • At heart, this relationship is quite complex, yet at the same time it is one of the most natural and comfortable matchups of all. You two in many ways come at each other from different ends of the spectrum. You OSC can be a practical type, taken up with worldly concerns and the structure of power, while your friend is more idealistic about following his lifelong dreams. Yet this should be an easy relationship with an emphasis on feelings. Because of the natural sympathy between you, you two are capable of ovecoming your differences, building acceptance and trust, and discovering what you have in common. The overall fit is relaxed.

    This relationship is especially strong in the social sphere. Whether a friendship or marriage, it can function magnificently to bring friends or family members together. It has a knack for reconciling hostile individuals or warring factions, and is naturally suited to play the role of mediator or peacemaker. You OSC should be realistic enough to recognize the essential truith of your friend's philosophical outlook, and can work hard to implement such ideas. Belief can be the bond between you - belief not only in an ideal but in your relationship itself, which can accomplish so much in its concern for others. Given the relationship's service-oriented stance, however, you two must ensure that you leave enough time for each other and for yourselves. One problem here is self-denial, with the pair of you often calling upon yourselves to make the greatest sacrifice of all: neglecting your own relationship and denying it a certain amount of sustenance it needs for emotional and spiritual growth. You must be more selfish occasionally, deny the needs of others for a time so that you can deepen your own personal bond.

    Despite appearances, your friend is very money-oriented and longs for financial security in order to have all the creature comforts that it provides. He can fall into a trap of an unending search for accumulation and possessions that can distract him from personal issues. He hates 'fat cats' who have all the wealth he desires himself. He can have a problem with monogamy (or perhaps even heterosexuality) and generally feels different to those around him. Emotional inhibition can affect his relationships as he tends to repress or intellectualize his feelings. He needs someone to be there to support him, and has many friends and contacts. But he can get caught in a double bind of seeking relationship while simultaneously trying to assert his independent nature. He is at heart an individualist who marches to a different drummer. Though many people find him attractive, when he feels insecure and inhibited, he will experience difficulty in relationships. And when his creative juices are flowing into projects or work, he can be too busy to find time for love. His particular combination of loyalty, insecurity (needing a sense of connection), and an independent streak makes him a complex love partner. His emotional and sexual life can be problematic, and can reflect how much balance he has created in the rest of his life.

  • wow that was very comprehensive tyvm fr taking the time x

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