Dramatic men......

  • Ok, so is it just me or does anyone else find men to be far more dramatic than us women?? I mean ...helllllloooooooo.....they blame us..but my experience totally points the finger at them.....seriously.

    Men confuse me greatly....I explain everything super clear....yet their ears are so tuned out to that!! lol

    All I want is a man that has bigger cajones than I do...just sayin...can I get an amen from anyone??

  • Amen! (x100). I'm with you. Going through some of that confusion right now. Seriously, he started out saying he I intrigued him with an emai I wrote to him because I was so forthright and honest

    " just like he is". Uh Huh! The man is a clam...not gonna open that shell for nothing. That shell is barely even cracked, if that!

    Guess I'm going to have to start prying and see what happens. 🙂

  • Amen!

  • Amen to that! It's funny how us Taurus ones have responded to this post! lol...I am still looking for a man with a proper set and be just that "a man", I'm with you Taurus 7...I'm so fed up being the strong one in a relationship, where have all the men with back bones gone??

  • I am telling you!! These types of men have worn me out! Ok, 2 men in 24 years, however, they leave you so worn out!

    I think the thing that has me the most upset is, bc I am an articulate person and can say what I need or want, those men actually had the audacity to say I was being demanding or bitchy! And wait, I believed them. Yes, I did. BC my whole life I have focused on making myself the best me, instead of finding the answer within myself, I allowed others thoughts to influence how i perceived myself!! What BS that was!

  • Lol, yeah I get the demanding thing...but to me being honest and upfront about what you need and want is not the same as being demanding, it's just being honest with yourself and them, but the wishy washy replies and double speak you get in return is beyond me...At the end of the day you know the person you are, and if they don't get it, well then their loss really...:)

  • Amen Smokie!! No kidding about the double speak. It is their loss, it truly is, but wow....the way it can leave a girl not knowing what end is up!! Finding your way back to simply standing up straight and walking assured can be quite the task.

  • I hear you T7, they can sure make your head spin with all the double talk.....but one foot in front of the other, head up, big grin on your face(cos it makes people wonder what your up to!) and each day definitely gets a little easier and our strength builds again:)

  • Wise advice about getting stronger......I needed to hear that!! Thank you!!

  • Your very welcome:)

  • Haha, I have been saying that one for years now! Men are Drama!!

  • AMEN! AMEN! 🙂

  • LD & LLL!!! EXACTLY!! They SAY it is us...but...:p literally rasberries to that !!

    Ok, so yes, there are plaenty of women who love the drama, but men, PLEASE do NOT paint us all with the same broad brush, bc it simply isn't so.....

  • True there too Taurus7! There are Drama makers in the female world too! I can name a few!

  • I think men are more dramatic simply because they're not raised to be as openly expressive with their emotions like many of us women.

  • I agree with you Taurus7. There are just as many b-i-t-c-h men out there as there are women. I can be one at times. I admit it lol! But you Tauruses need a seriously headstrong man. You girls may cry easily but it's over quick and then you're back to reality. Us Cancers can sulk like little b-i-t-c-h-e-s for months! It's true!

  • MARK!! Missed you brother!!

  • Baahaaahaaahaaahaaaaaa! You crack me up Cancerman! It's true! It's true!! Any of the Cancer Males I've dated have been that way! Baahaahaahaahaaa!

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