Totally confusing Libra man

  • I dated this guy for 5 months and we hit it off very good. He seemed to like me a lot and we had a good time together when we were together. Then all of a sudden out of the blue he said he needed some time to think about what he wanted. Then a week later he called me and we went out again two nights in a row. He acted normal and said that he had really missed me a lot during the time we weren't together, so naturally I thought everything was fine. But then the next day he asked me to leave him alone for a while so he can once again think about what he wants. So my question is, do you think we will get back together? Do you think that he has devolped feelings for me and got scared? I am totally in love with him, I have realized in have told him this. DId I possibly scare him off? I miss him so much and this time away from him seems like an eternity. Do you think I should keep hoping or would it be false hope?

  • You may have been a bit intense for only 5 months together...but hey, he'll get over it ! Take your dates slowly and let the relationship develop at a slower pace. Don't nag or push him to reveal his feelings....have a smile on your face,enjoy his company and have fun and relax! In the meantime, until he calls, go out with girlfriends or pursue other words, get on with your own life. What will put him off is if you look needy or desperate. Don't write him off yet, unless you see him with another girl and they obviously look "together" or if you meet someone interesting yourself ! No harm in hoping though!

  • I'm a Libra and I always wondered why I had never ran across a Libra man. When I found the answer tp that, after dating two different Libra men, I finally knew why. Though they both had some similar traits, one was so much worse than the other--he was so totally uncommitted and unreliable. I believe I gave him enough rope to hang himself and then I let go. It just wasn't worth all the trouble to me. The other one is on standby. He's a good guy and I like him for that--

    especially because he is honest. Which seems to be more of a rare quality these days. Never theless, I can only advise any of you out there dating a Libra man to make your decision sooner rather than later about staying with him, otherwise you are only dragging out the inevitable. Good luck!

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